Recent Article About Botox

An article was brought to my attention yesterday about the FDA looking into adverse reactions to Botox and Botox Cosmetic that have been blamed for hospitalizations and even deaths — mostly in children treated for cerebral palsy-associated limb spasticity, an off-label usage.

The FDA does a wonderful job of providing a feedback mechanism for unusual events, as evidenced by the recent press with Botox. Please know these adverse events were in low body weight (usually very young children) with severe major muscle spasticity. Large doses, in ranges far above what is used cosmetically, were used in these children. Botox is still considered a safe and effective treatment for facial muscle relaxation. Botox is delivered for these indications in small doses for small muscles. Botox is a medical procedure and should be treated as such. While the risk profile remains low, it is not advisable to receive Botox from a professional who considers the administration of Botox “a party”.

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