Odds Are You’ll Have Fun

Timeless Skin Solutions Helps The Black and Tan

You Can Gamble and Win for Everyone

No, really.

The Black and Tan

We’re hoping the Dublin Food Pantry is the big winner after Saturday night’s Black and Tan.

Timeless Helps Out

In our third year of diamond sponsorship, we can’t wait for all the fun of the Monte Carlo night that raises money for an area organization every year. Last year’s event raised about $50,000 for the Welcome Warehouse. The annual party is organized by the Murfield Village Civic Association to gather residents to assist a community effort.

Dublin Food Pantry

This year’s benefactor, the Dublin Food Pantry, helped out nearly 700 households by providing food and grocery products during 2011.
In addition to the tangible help, the pantry aims to educate the community about hunger as well as collaborate with others to address basic human needs.

The Party

Roaring ’20s glamour, food and entertainment starts at 7 p.m. Saturday at The Country Club at Murfield, 8715 Murfield Drive, Dublin, OH.
Come join our staff in the celebration of helping others through purchasing tickets or making a donation.
For more information contact The Black and Tan at info@theblackandtan.org.

Hope to see you there and good luck!

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