Not Your Ordinary Facial: This One’s Better

Few would argue that getting a facial is a bona fide treat. A mask, a facial massage … ahhh … being pampered is one of our favorite things.

Truthfully, though, a facial can-and should-do more than simply feel good.

A facial should improve the look and health of your skin.

That’s why (drumroll, please), Timeless Skin Solutions is pleased to offer medical facials.

Dr. Clinton founded her physician-directed skin care practice more than 10 years ago on the belief that everyone deserves healthy, beautiful skin.

Like all our treatments and procedures, based on science and proven results, our medical facial is customized to meet your particular skin concerns. And the modern, medical-grade products used during your medical facial are specially designed to deliver real results for your healthiest skin.

Here, one of our patients shares her experience with the Timeless medical facial.

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The Short Version

Cleansing & Analysis

Eve started by cleaning my face and décolletage with an extra-gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that had a lovely citrus scent. She then covered my eyes with cotton pads while she performed a skin analysis under bright light. This let her see the condition of my skin and create a customized medical facial experience for me.

Declogging Treatments
Eve determined that my skin needed purification and hydration so she applied an enzyme treatment and steam for about 5 minutes before removing it with a warm towel. Next, Eve was able to provide deeper cleansing for my congested skin by giving me a SilkPeel treatment. Depending on your skin type, Eve may recommend a Dermaplane instead. Some patients require neither of these extra treatments; again, the treatment is customized to your skin type and concern.

SilkPeel Dermalfusion - Love Your Skin Again!
SilkPeel Dermalfusion – Love Your Skin Again!

Purifying & Hydration
Because I needed it, and my skin was properly prepared with the enzyme and steam, Eve manually extracted sebum, dead skin and other blemish-causing impurities. Next, she applied a toner and massaged my skin and décolletage with a non-comedogenic oil. She then applied a customized SkinMedica mask, which she left on for several minutes. She completed my medical facial by removing the mask with a warm towel and applying toner, serum and moisturizer. Eve also reviewed my current skin care regimen and we agreed that I needed to add a light moisturizer to hydrate my winter-dry skin. That’s it! I had beautiful, dewy, glowing skin-and a detailed at-home regimen-in about an hour.
detailed version

The Detailed Version

  1. Eve, a licensed aesthetician, warmly welcomed me into the treatment room and gave me the option of lying on top of the treatment bed for my medical facial or changing into a strapless wrap and slipping under the covers.I chose the under-cover option since it was the dead of winter in central Ohio and the bed was warm and cozy.Eve left me to change and when she returned she explained that she would be caring for both my face and décolletage. Before beginning each step of the facial, Eve explained what she was doing and why it was beneficial for my skin.
  1. Eve started by cleansing my face with DermaQuest Essential Daily Cleanser. I really enjoyed the light, citrus scent and how it left my skin feeling really fresh and clean.
  1. Then she covered my eyes with cotton pads so she could examine my skin under a bright light. Eve was analyzing my skin so she could recommend the appropriate products during and after the treatment.
  1. Next she applied a medical-grade firming enzyme treatment to help prepare my skin for extractions, and turned on some pleasantly warm and hydrating steam. Eve was always careful to ask if I was comfortable with the amount and placement of steam, which I was, and she let me steam about 5 to 7 minutes.
  1. Next she removed the enzyme treatment with a warm towel, gently cleaning off any residue. (I should be that gentle with my own skin!) Then, unlike a spa facial, Eve was able to provide deeper cleansing for my congested skin by giving me a SilkPeel. Depending on your skin type, Eve may recommend Dermaplane instead or may forego these extra treatments if your skin doesn’t need it.
  1. She then spent just a few minutes carefully clearing my clogged pores through a process known as extraction. It was not painful but since she was manually extracting sebum, dead skin and other impurities that lead to blemishes, I did feel a squeeze or two-but it was worth it!
  1. She followed the extraction process with a relaxing massage of my face and décolletage. Eve was concerned about potential breakouts since my skin is sensitive, so she selected a massage oil that would not clog my pores. Eve says that while the massage is most patients’ favorite part of the treatment because it feels so nice, there’s a real benefit to the skin: oxygenation, which is just a fancy way of saying it manually helps oxygen molecules to enter the tissue of the skin.

    Facial massage
    Massage brings rejuvenating oxygenation to the skin.
  1. Next Eve applied a custom combination of SkinMedica calming and hydrating masks. She explained that she has five basic masks to choose from and mixes-and-matches them according to each patient’s skin care needs. The mask felt very soothing to my skin.
  1. She finished my medical facial with a warm towel cleanse, toner, serum and moisturizer. Although I chose to purchase SkinMedica Ulta Sheer Moisturizer because I loved how light and fresh it left my skin, Eve did not try to sell or upsell me anything-she simply gave me an updated version of my daily at-home regimen, and beautiful, dewy, glowing skin in about an hour.

Visit the Timeless Skin Solutions website to find out more about our medical facials here>.

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