My Daughter and Laser Hair Removal

Spring has sprung and as we begin to bare more skin, some of us are becoming more aware of hair in areas not appreciated.

My daughter, although only 12, is included in this bunch, and had some inquiries of her own about alternatives to shaving. Two weeks ago, she asked me if laser hair removal worked for underarm hair.

I explained that, yes, it does work on underarm hair but may take several treatments and cause some discomfort due to the heat from the laser. She considered what I said, and the following day showed up at the office, ready for a treatment. We applied a little numbing cream prior to her treatment to minimize any discomfort she may feel when the laser pulses.

Only ten minutes later, both Allyson, who did her laser hair removal, and my daughter emerged from the laser room with smiles on their faces. When I asked my daughter how it went, she said the experience was not too uncomfortable and she is looking forward to the days of razor free showers.


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