Mommy make-over!!

This past Sunday, Dr. Clinton treated me to a “Mommy make-over!”

During my 9 months of pregnancy, some of my hyperpigmentation returned from all the hormones circling in my body. Not only that, but thanks to my lack of sleep I saw a lot of my fine lines reemerging and was just feeling not all that “Timeless.” But, now, thanks to Dr. Clinton, that is all resolved, and Mommy is back in action!

On Sunday afternoon, while many of you were cozying up by the fire, I was having the Pearl laser and a series of injections to revitalize my tired Mommy-face. The Pearl laser is used to improve fine lines, texture, sun damage or hyperpigmentation and promote collage production. Facial fillers are used to restore areas where there has been a loss of collagen…and for me that meant I got 3 syringes – 1 syringe to plump up my nasolabial folds, and 2 syringes in my lips (the better to kiss that sweet little baby of mine!).

I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Dr. C!!!

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