Medical Grade vs. Over-the-Counter Skin Care

Skincare is the first step to improving your skin. However, in order to get results, medical grade skincare is superior to products which can be purchased over-the-counter at the grocery, pharmacy or department store. Medical grade products are made up of proven ingredients that are purchased with a medical license and only available through physicians. These products are developed through clinical research and the amounts of active ingredients (what’s actually going to make changes in your skin) are much higher than what over-the-counter products are legally able to contain. Simply put: higher amounts of active ingredients = better skin!

Think of it like buying a new Kate Spade bag at Nordstroms verses buying a Kate Spado bag on the streets of New York. You get what you pay for, so to speak, and with medical grade products you are getting A LOT more! Medical grade products contain the purest form of performance ingredients and are created from the newest technology. Hence, true cosmeceuticals are not sold over-the-counter. Over-the-counter products are often sold at lower prices, but only at the expense of cost cutting in raw materials which ultimately sacrifices the quality and efficacy of the product.

The other major difference between medical grade and over-the-counter skincare is the ability of the product to penetrate the skin. Many over-the-counter products sit on the surface of the skin, while medical grade products penetrate the epidermis to work deeper in the skin. Just like whitening your teeth at the dentist office verses useing whitening strips from Wallgreens – medical grade prodcuts can do so much more than what is available over-the-counter.

Medical grade products are worth it! They are safer, more efficacious, better quality, and proven through science.

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