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If you’re like me, you despise tax season. I normally do my own taxes because in my mind I just cannot justify paying someone to tell me what I should be paying someone else. With the way the economy is today even Jim Cramer is making mistakes. I’m pretty sure he’s still kicking himself for not investing in NetFlix.

With all of the things that we can be wrong about when it comes to our money one thing that you can never go wrong with is spending it on something that makes you feel good. Televisions and computers are outdated within weeks, clothes only fit a certain way for so long, and make-up and hair products expire before you make the life change to really use them everyday. So after sifting through all of the things that might not be the best idea what are we left with? Our skin and our bodies! You’ll only have your one body and of course our skin changes with us. Here are some of my favorite ways that Timeless can help you make you feel good about spending your return (or making yourself feel better after you’ve had to pay the government!)

Botox: If you read my last blog (and if you didn’t, shame on you, I was told it was entertaining) then you know how thrilled I was with my results. I’m about to begin month three and my strong eyebrow muscles still haven’t been giving me the terrible wrinkles that I was used to frowning at in the mirror. The injections are incredibly quick and if you’ve been furrowing your brow since January over the IRS, furrow no more and save yourself the future wrinkles!

Chemical Peels: I cannot rave enough about chemical peels (and the fact that they’re 20% off through April 16th doesn’t hurt either!). I had my chemical peel on a Thursday evening and by Monday morning I can’t count how many compliments I received not only about how my skin looked, but some people didn’t even know what was different about me! My favorite quote: “Lyns, I don’t know what you did differently, but you look really great”, and keep in mind that the compliment didn’t come from my significant other who is required by relationship law to compliment me. Expect to peel on days 3 and 4, but with a light peel I was comfortable with being out in public house hunting and grocery shopping.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light): I adore this treatment! I’m a fair-skinned, freckle-faced, reddish-hue hair colored mess. The IPL procedure helps to even out skin tones, hyperpigmentation (freckles, sun-damaged skin), and reduces redness. My favorite part was there was absolutely no down time. I was out and about within ten minutes of my treatment, if you’re even a little concerned with how you’ll look, my fair skin was a tiny bit pink, as if I had a slight sunburn. The color on my face faded quickly and my freckle count seemed to go down after a few days.

Laser Hair Removal: The sun is shining, skin is showing and honestly, that means you might need to shave everyday and how annoying is that? I personally have not done any laser hair removal, but it’s something I’m ridiculously interested in because of the results I’ve seen on others. My mother has had laser hair removal previously and is very happy with how her treatment area turned out. Now hair “removal” is best described as a permanent hair reduction. The biggest thing to remember when you are having this treatment is not to wax or pluck the area your unwanted hair dwells. The laser fixates on the pigment of the hair. The easiest way to do a quick self check on whether or not your hair is appropriate for laser removal is if the hair itself is darker than your skin. Unfortunately hair that is blond or gray/white would not have the same results as brunette or black hair. So shave away but don’t pluck! If you want some more great info about laser hair removal check out Amanda’s blog from last week!

So while you’re finishing up all of your tax forms (and make sure anything you send is postmarked by tax day, because that’s another headache you don’t want) think about all of the great things you can do for yourself. And Jim Cramer might think he knows everything about your money, unless it’s about Verizon becoming a mainstream cable provider (a 2008 prediction if you’re curious) or how it truly is better to invest in something solid, like yourself.

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