Looking Ahead with Dr. O

As the Medical Director and Attending Physician for Timeless Skin Solutions, Dr. Erin Olah has a unique perspective that includes both that of a provider and a visionary for the practice. We recently sat down with her to reflect on the past year and to look ahead to what she sees coming at Timeless and in the aesthetic medicine industry in 2022.

Reflecting on 2021

As for 2021, within our practice, Dr. Olah observed many more patients entering into aesthetics. “From dipping their toe in, to jumping all the way in,” she says, “this past year did away with people being hesitant to have something done – it took a little bit of the trepidation out of aesthetic medicine.”

At Timeless, the education of both our staff and our patients is extremely important. Through educating our patients, we were able to open up the door a little for patients to come into our world. “Patients see the art of what’s possible, and the scariness lessens as they understand we can deliver very natural-looking results,” notes Dr. Olah. Even if a patient is not ready to jump into Botox® or filler, there are many other things we can do at Timeless.

Growth of the Aesthetic Medicine Industry

This increased interest in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Olah believes, comes from what we like to call the ‘Zoom Boom’. Many of us spend a significant amount of time looking at ourselves on Zoom calls.  .. “On Zoom, we see ourselves in motion – we see our own expressions and what other people are seeing.” This, combined with a reallocation of budgets to a focus on self-care, means the aesthetic market is thriving, reaching $2 billion.

People have readily accepted these non-surgical treatments as another form of self-care. “Years ago, Botox and filler were perceived as being more extreme,” Dr. Olah notes. “Now there is a sense that it is just another way to help me feel like the best version of myself.”

Emerging Trends in Aesthetic Medicine

Interestingly, in 2021 we saw a shift from Botox, which traditionally had been the entry point into aesthetic treatments, to filler. This may be the result of a constant flow of new fillers to the market each year, combined with the fact that filler is giving a much more natural look with improved filler technology. Many patients come in wanting a bit of a lift, but still want to look like themselves. “These new fillers are answering that desire and that is why we are seeing more people open to filler treatments,” notes Dr. Olah.

Beyond the new technology found in fillers, there is a more global approach to filler, focusing on the whole face and not just one area. In fact, Dr. Olah says that 93% of patients want a full face assessment. By assessing and treating the full face, we are able to restore a youthful appearance while keeping the natural symmetry of the face. When you see someone who looks like they have had something done, it’s often because this global approach was not followed.

The Timeless Difference

Fortunately, at Timeless we have always approached the use of fillers this way. Our providers question, “What has changed in the facial structure to create the change that the patient doesn’t like?” We are able to make more significant yet natural changes by addressing the global approach to using fillers. “The market is finally catching up to the Timeless way of thinking,” Dr. Olah admits.

Leveraging Our Partnership with DOCS

The past year has also seen us begin to leverage our relationship with our partner, Dermatologists of Central States. This allows us to have access to a vast resource of dermatologists and their expertise should our providers see something of concern in a patient. We also will be making improvements to the scheduling system so that it is a more seamless experience for our patients.

What’s New for 2022

Moving into 2022, our goals for Timeless include a continuation of the work that we have always done – a more natural look for our patients by focusing on best practices. We don’t dive into the trendiest treatments, but rather watch for those treatments that deliver results and are a good value for the patient.

And it seems to be working. Already an established leader in the industry, Timeless saw a record number of new patients in 2021 and is gearing up for even more growth in the coming year. A huge part of Timeless’ success over the years is our focus on continuing education and collaboration of, and among, our providers.

Our group of highly trained providers meets every week under the direction of Dr. Olah, providing a value to our patients that is unmatched. “I enjoy being able to lead this great group in our weekly meetings and monthly hands-on training sessions – that is where we continue to discover best practices and new techniques,” says Dr. Olah. She goes on to say, “There is a wealth of knowledge that we are able to share as a staff that accelerates our expertise that can’t be done in many practices.” In fact, this collaboration allows for the expansion of knowledge and actually changes the best practices.

Whether you have been a Timeless patient for years, or are just beginning your aesthetic journey, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our providers to learn more about how we can help you meet your skincare goals and be you, only better.

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