Lighten Up

The Summer is around the corner and I am thrilled. Get ready for Picnic with the Pops and other outdoor concerts and events. Get ready to peel off the winter layers and enjoy some “lighter” clothing. And get ready to store those clunky black boots and turtlenecks until next November. (Ok, ok, October. This is Ohio, after all.)

You might have noticed that—from what we wear to what we eat—everything is much lighter in the summer. And you should think of your beauty routine in much the same way and be sure to lighten it up when the weather gets warmer. More humidity in the air (it’s been raining for weeks people!) can make the emollient moisturizer you’ve used all winter feel heavy or greasy.

Let us help you perfect your skin care regimen. Stop by to show us what you’re currently using and we will make suggestions for a lighter alternative. You can’t believe the difference some small tweaks will make.

Get your skin ready for summer at Timeless Skin Solutions.


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