Laser Hair Removal Works!

Columbus, Ohio: Laser Hair Removaltake a vacation from shaving with columbus laser hair removal

Do you want to be be hair-free this summer?  Ladies, be worry free about that bikini.  Fellas, you won’t have to keep your shirt on at the pool.  We offer laser hair removal in Columbus so you can vacation anywhere, hair-free.

With laser hair removal you notice more and more improvement after each session.  We offer our hair removal treatments either in single sessions or in packages – although buying a package has a greater cost upfront, it is the most economical in the end as you buy four treatments and get one for free. The reason you need multiple sessions is because our hair grows in cycles – both dormant and active phases.  We have to target the hair in its active phase because the hairs in the dormant phase have no hair shaft in them to be targeted.

Laser hair removal is FDA approved for 80-95% permanent hair reduction.  No hair removal treatment on the market can guarantee permanent hair removal, but with the laser, the hair is dramatically reduced, and what little hair does grow back will be much finer and lighter in color.  Most patients are very satisfied at the end of their hair removal packages, but come back for a single yearly maintenance session for any hair that does grow back.  Some patients may need more than the initial 5 sessions to get to a place where they are completely satisfied with their results, but this depends on many things and would be determined at the end of the package.

Just The Hair

The pigment in the hairs is what the laser targets, so the rest of the skin is left just the way it was.  Since the laser targets pigment, lighter-colored hair isn’t as likely to respond as well and a dermaplane may be recommended instead.

Want More Information?

Dr. Carol Clinton, Gail Hogan and patient Debbie recently talked about what a relief it is to be rid of shaving and all the work it entails.

“It was wonderful … No razor rash!” Debbie said.  She also said it is great to be free of the daily burden of keeping up with hair growth.

Learn more about Laser Hair Removal in Columbus, Ohio.  Schedule your consultation here!



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