Kristyn’s Review of SkinMedica

Kristyn is a patient of Dr. Carol Clinton. She is using the SkinMedica line to treat skin discoloration due to sun damage, acne, and pregnancy. She will be documenting her treatment and progress on this blog. This isn’t an endorsement or paid advertisement for SkinMedica.

Entry 7

This weekend I took a big step. I went make-up free! I have relied on concealers and foundation and powder for more than a decade and on Saturday I decided to go without makeup. Every time I looked in the mirror I expected to see a blotchy complexion. Instead, I noticed a pretty even skin tone. This stuff must be working!

Entry 6

Now more than a month into treatment I think my skin has maintained the improvement I saw a couple weeks ago, but I’m not seeing additional results. The discoloration from pregnancy and acne has faded but not to the extent I thought it would. Perhaps I’m disillusioned by the images I see in magazines. I’ll never be a poster girl for clear skin, but perhaps as I continue with the the SkinMedica line I’ll continue to see baby steps of improvement. Like I mentioned in previous posts, these products don’t give me clearer skin. In fact, I think I’ve had a slight increase in acne and irritation. But, the tone is better. I noticed in another post that Jennifer Aniston is a fan of TNS. Since my use of TNS is in conjunction with other products, it’s hard for me to say if it’s working or not. But if it will help me look as young as she does 10 years from now, I’m going to stick with the program.

Entry 5

I’m now a couple weeks into my treatment and I can say I haven’t missed an application. Overall I think the look of my skin is improving. The color is starting to look more balanced and my skin is smooth. The only complaint I have, which probably isn’t attributed to the products, is that my acne has gotten worse. I typically have a few bumps around the sides of my nose and chin, but now I’m seeing regular acne in those areas. Frustrating! I have had a head cold for the last week and a half, so we’ll see once the cold subsides if my skin improves too.

Entry 4

I continue to see good results with the products. My skin tone is slowly improving and I haven’t had any side effects. However, I do think my acne breakouts are consistent with what I was experiencing before starting this routine – no better/no worse. The next time I see Dr. Clinton I’m going to ask her if there is something I could/should be doing for the breakouts. I don’t want to use too much product.

Entry 3

I’m a week into my new skin care routine and so far so good. I’ve had a mild acne breakout this week, but that’s to be expected as the products I’m using aren’t designed to treat acne, they’re for discoloration. I don’t think the products are aggravating my current acne condition. I’ve had it all my life. I do know it’s not making it any worse. That’s a pleasant non-side effect! The color and tone of my skin is improving. I can’t wait to see the improvement continue. I’m eager to go makeup free once the weather gets warmer.

Entry 2

Today is day five of my treatment. I’ve followed Dr. Clinton’s instructions perfectly and I can say that I’m starting to see a difference. I’m not ready to head out the door without makeup on, but I can see subtle improvement. The intense redness is starting to fade and my skin’s texture is smooth. As with my experience with past products, I expected to see my acne flair up. Don’t you always have to look worse before you look better? With this system, you don’t. Perhaps it’s because I’m treating the side effects of unbalanced skin instead of treating acne. My oil production isn’t as intense and my makeup goes on smoothly.

Another note about these products is that they don’t have an intense scent. The 2x daily process is pleasant and I’m eager to see the improvement continue.

Entry 1

I’ve been a guinea pig for various acne products since I was 12 years old. I’ve tried every over-the-counter remedy, microdermabrasion, vitamins, harsh prescription topicals, etc. On occasion I would see good results, but they didn’t last. I always led myself to believe that as I aged, the acne problem would go away on its own. Now at 30, I know that’s partially true. My acne breakouts aren’t as bad as they were in my teens and early 20’s. But today I have a whole new set of skin issue that I didn’t anticipate. The years of acne have left an uneven skin tone. Combine that with many summers working as a lifeguard and skin discoloration from pregnancy and you get a pretty big mess. Anyone who has skin issues knows the toll it can take on you physically and emotionally. Before my wedding five years ago I was concerned that a breakout would ruin my big day. I’ve probably spent thousands of hours applying concealers, foundations, highlighters, etc. to cover up what I didn’t want people to see. Today, I hope the SkinMedica TNS Regeneration System can help me take charge of my skin.

I never go to bed with make up on and I cleanse my face twice a day. I also apply Anthelios SX sunscreen to my face every morning. I would give myself an A+ for maintenance. So I think I’ll be a good subject for this test. Last night I began my regimen by cleansing with SkinMedica Facial Cleanser. Unlike other cleansers, it didn’t dry out my face and it also didn’t leave my face feeling oily. It just felt clean. Then I applied one pump of the Retinol Complex from the SkinMedica TNS Regeneration System. This product didn’t rub on smoothly like I expected it to. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the texture…it’s just not what I expected. My third step was to apply SkinMedica’s EpiQuin Micro skin lightening moisturizing cream. This product felt great. Similar to acne products like Oxy, the lotion can rub off on fabrics and take away the color – so I was sure to sleep on an old pillow case.

When I woke up this morning my skin wasn’t oily or dry. It felt balanced. My morning regimen included washing with the facial cleanser and using one pump each of the TNS Rgeneration System TNS Recovery Complex and Vitamin C Complex. I then followed up with the Anthelios SX sunscreen. So far so good. The products didn’t make it difficult for me to apply make up.

It’s now 11 a.m. (4 hours after this morning’s applications) and my skin isn’t oily. Of course the color hasn’t improved just yet (that would be a miracle), but so far I’m satisfied.

More later.

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