Kissable Lips

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and it’s time to pep-up those kissers.

Before you run out and buy a lip-plump from the drug store, you should know how they work. Most of them have a chemical irritant that causes swelling of the lip (and sometime other areas on the face). The increased redness comes from increased blood flow due to the irritation. Some people even have full blown allergic reactions, which can be disruptive.

Don’t fret; there are products on the market that will increase blood flow and collagen production without causing irritation or rash. Our favorite at Timeless Skin Solutions is the TNS Lip Plump System by SkinMedica. This system uses marine and hyaluronic acid spheres which increase volume by retaining water. Peptides in the product help to stimulate collagen growth, while niacin increases circulation to the area. Finally, a gycine compound keeps them nice and moist.

And if a topical plumper isn’t enough to make your lips kissable this Valentine’s Day, Dr. Clinton can even add a little Restylane or Juvederm to make your kiss memorable.


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