Timeless Insider Features – Vol. 2

As a healthcare practice, there is nothing we value more than our patients. We are incredibly thankful for having the privilege of working with so many throughout the years. Our next two Timeless Insiders are perfect examples of the long term relationships we’ve been able to establish.  

The first patient in this volume of Timeless Insider Features is Audrey Plant.  Audrey started coming to us in high school when she was experiencing some of the typical Audrey Plantskin concerns you would expect as a teenager.  Now, over nine years later, Audrey is still coming to Timeless and working with Allyson Sterling, PA-C. Allyson helped Audrey get her skin ready for her wedding to long time boyfriend and NFL standout, Jonathan Hankins in 2017. The couple was recently featured in Brides Magazine for their stunning garden-inspired wedding where you can see first hand Audrey’s beautiful skin and Timeless glow.

My favorite part of being a patient at Timeless is the experience! Everybody is extremely helpful and accommodating, and I LOVE Alyson! My skin care routine is kind of lengthy, but I always do a rotation of a silkpeel dermalinfusion and micro-needling with a light chemical peel for an extra boost.

Julie PattonOur second Insider feature is Julie Patton. Julie has been a patient since 2009 and she is the queen of maintaining her skin care regimen with her monthly skin treatments.  Julie combines a SilkPeel dermalinfusion, a chemical peel and micro-needling and has scheduled her appointments a year in advance. Now that is dedication! We have featured Julie on our YouTube channel and social media. When we began the Insider program we knew Julie would be the perfect person to share her experiences and represent what it means to have Timeless skin.


What I love about Timeless is the whole environment they create there. I could go other places and get the same products and similar services but I doubt that I would find the same relationship with the staff members. I doubt that I would get the same “family feel” anywhere else.  The other unique thing about the environment there is the way they successfully strike the perfect balance between making you feel like family and still maintaining a very professional culture.

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