Illuminize Me! My Intro To Chemical Peels

One month ago, I had my first chemical peel. It baffles me how I had, at this point, made it 24 years without ever seeking advice from a skincare professional. My skin was blotchy and rough on a good day.

Illuminize on Erica
You can’t see the Illuminize on my skin, but you can see the healthy glow!

When I began working at this Columbus Medical Spa, a lot of my fears and preconceptions were shattered after five minutes of talking to my coworkers. For example, I used to think a “chemical peel” involved some mysterious scalding acid that boiled off your top layer of skin. I imagined ending up a tarry blob of liquid on the floor like when Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit meets his demise in a vat of “killer dip”.

Well, let me be the first to say, it’s nothing like that at all!

Because I do have rather sensitive skin, Kate decided to give me an Illuminize Peel, which is the lightest of our SkinMedica peels. I reclined and listened to soothing music as she washed my face and prepped it with a solution to ensure my skin had the appropriate pH. As she slowly applied the peel, she avoided certain areas like the corners of my mouth and around my eyes, where potential dryness could be irritating.

Once the peel was on my face, my skin began to tingle and feel warm, as if I were blushing. In the mirror, I could see that my skin had a nice “flushed” look.

After a few minutes, I noticed that I did get pretty red in the areas where she had applied the peel, but that subsided quickly.

When you get a chemical peel, you want to leave it on for a few hours. Because the Illuminize is so light, I left it on overnight and washed it off the next morning with my hands and a mild cleanser (SkinMedica’s, actually).

My skin immediately had a great glow to it! The next day there was some mild peeling on my chin and lower cheek, which I could really only see when I was inches from the mirror.

The next week, my skin continued to clear up. The blemishes that were soon to be in bloom before the peel had now come to the surface much smaller than I had anticipated, and in two days they disappeared completely.

So would I do it again? Yes!

I see many peels in my future, especially since I know that just one yields good results, but a series of peels yields great results. My confidence has been boosted, my face feels fresh and young, and I feel Illuminized.

For more info and to schedule your Illuminize, call us today at 614-799-5100

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