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For many of us, it takes a “major event” to spur us into action. For me, it was the wedding of my son, Christopher. I took a long look in the mirror and was sad and embarrassed by the condition of my skin. The sun-time I so loved had left my skin a mess. I realized that it was time to take action or spend countless hours trying to cover up and conceal – NOT a pleasant thought. Thankfully, I chose to address the problem, which led me to Dr. Carol and Timeless Skin Solutions.

When I am asked “what is your favorite treatment?” the answer is easy – IPL! Those were the first magic words that Dr. Carol said to me! She explained that through a series of IPL treatments – Intense Pulsed Light my sun spots and discoloration would fade and reveal fresh younger looking skin….. AND IT DID! I was thrilled with my results.

This easy, no down-time treatment helped take years of sun damage off my face.

If you are a sun-worshiper with regret, you spend time looking in the mirror thinking “how did I get here?” or if you would like to freshen up, but can’t take time out for down time, IPL could be the answer.

If you would like to learn more about IPL, or other treatments please contact me at Timeless Skin Solutions.

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