Drink More Water: Five Easy Steps

How To Fit Water Drinking into Your Busy Day

It’s no secret that your skin loves water just as much as your other organs do. It’s hard to find the time—or the willpower—to fit such a simple task into our days. Here’s quick how-to that outlines five easy ways to fit more water drinking into your day.

  1. Whenever I’m reaching for “fancy” glassware (wine glass, juice glass, coffee mug, etc.) I make a point to first grab a water glass. It’s become almost second nature that, whenever I pour any of the sugary or caffeinated beverages that get me into the kitchen in the first place, I pair it with a glass of water. Usually I’ll end up drinking the water just because it’s there.
  2. Invest in one of these plastic tumblers and vow to only use it for water. You’d be surprised how quickly you can down a glass when you’re drinking through a straw.
  3. Some meals or snacks will hydrate better than others. A cold glass of skim milk, a slice of watermelon, a salad, or even a cup of soup will help to hydrate you more-so than, say, a hamburger or bag of chips.
  4. Cover your bases. Buy a six-pack of bottled water and throw one in your car, your gym bag, your briefcase, and even in your medicine cabinet. That way, when you forget your usual method of hydration (or you run out of those little dixie cups) you’ll have a back-up. These spare bottles will be great for when the motivation is actually there, but the hardware is not.
  5. Don’t be afraid of the s-word. That’s right, “salt.” Just a little bit of salt will go a long way in helping your body retain the water you consume. The taste of something salty, like a pretzel rod, can also trigger thirst and will remind you to go fill up that tumbler!
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