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Who among us doesn’t have a nearly-empty bottle of extravagant elixir that didn’t do much. It’s still hanging out in the medicine cabinet or in a drawer, isn’t it?
C’mon. You’ve got more than a few, don’t you?

If you’re going to the cosmetic counter looking for something to really, truly help your skin, you may leave empty-handed or with an empty wallet and few – if any –  results.
You might get pretty bottles and fancy labels so popular with the infamous housewives, though.


Medical Grade

The products we carry are rigorously tested by the FDA.
What does that mean?
According to Dr. Carol Clinton, the cosmetic counter stuff just doesn’t jump through nearly the same amount of hoops that medical grade does.
“They do not have to go through that testing at all.”


Costs Are Similar – Results, Not So Much

Clinton said her patients tell her they go to the department stores and ante up some serious cash.
“They’ll tell me how much they spent for it and the whole line (we carry) doesn’t cost as much as that (one) product,” she said.
Medications are evaluated the same way the skin care lines we have are.
“The products go through the same rigorous testing” as oral medications, she said.


A Patient’s Perspective

Carol, one of Clinton’s patients, recently said being greeted with so many choices at the department store was confusing at best.
We can easily help you identify your skin issues and how best to treat them.
“This makes it a no-brainer,” Carol said.
“I still run out to find my lipstick but I don’t worry about my skin care,” she said.
Clinton said, “They are very cost-effective compared to what you find at the department store.”


What’s Available

Among lines we carry in Columbus are Obagi, SkinMedica, La Roche-Posay,  DermaRx, Dermaquest, NIA24 and Vivite.


To set up a consultation, contact us here.


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