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Exercising After Botox, Dysport and More

Often we receive questions from patients wondering how long they have to wait to exercise after their treatment. Whether you are unwinding at yoga after work, playing tennis with your kids, or taking the dog for a walk, working out plays a role in helping you maintain that healthy glow. Here’s a basic guide to what you can and can’t do after certain procedures at our office.

  • With Botox or Dysport, we ask that you remain upright for at least four hours after the injection. This means pilates, swimming, and even sit ups are all out of the question. We also ask that you wait at least 3 hours before jumping back on that treadmill. And don’t even think about a post-run cocktail; it’s best to wait 6 hours after your injection to consume alcohol (the same rule applies for aspirin and other blood thinners).
  • If you’re receiving Facial Filler (Juvederm, Restylane, etc) you may continue to drink your egg whites and listen to your workout mix on your iPod, but please don’t do any cardio or weight lifting for at least 6 hours after your treatment. You’ll need this time to allow the filler to absorb some of the water in your body and for any swelling from the injections to settle. For the same reasons, you shouldn’t receive a facial or touch the area of treatment.
  • After a chemical peel, you’ll want to wait until you’ve washed off the chemical peel solution before hitting the gym. And even after that, it’s best to refrain from excessive sweating because the salt from the sweat can irritate your freshly peeled skin.
  • If you’re appointment is for a Silk Peel feel free to jump back into spin class, right where you left off. This enhanced form of microdermabrasion will even help prevent your pores from clogging while you sweat.

After any procedure, if you decide to exercise outside, don’t forget your SPF. You’ll be particularly sensitive to the sun after laser procedures and chemical peels, so don’t skimp!

And as always, complete post-treatment patient instructions for all procedures at Timeless Skin Solutions are available on on our website, or feel free to contact us with any questions!

Are you curious to know which procedure is right for you based on your lifestyle and skincare goals? Request a consultation with one of our expert physicians today!

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