Freshen Up Your Face!

Putting on foundation can be a blessing and a curse. It can temporarily cover up uneven skin tones, be a great base for eye make up, or if you’re like my two male roommates, it’s a great thing to take from my make up case to cover up a zit before a date (of course they never remember to return it!). For me, unfortunately, it can also cake onto the fine blond “peach fuzz” that I have on my face. Considering that lasers used for hair removal are unable to remove these fine hairs I was okay with just ignoring this minor annoyance (to be removed by a laser, hair you want removed must have pigment, so blond, red, gray and white hairs are not good candidates for laser hair removal). In my spare time I enjoy reading about our procedures I love learning about new things that I can do in terms of beauty and keeping my skin looking great. Dermaplaning was one of the very first services that I wanted to try.

Dermaplaning is a quick 15 minute appointment where a specialized tool is used to both lightly exfoliate the skin as well as remove fine hairs to leave a fresh, smooth surface behind. Not only did I love the results immediately after, but later on in the evening when it was time to do my normal nightly skincare regimen, my products had less to pass through to absorb into my face. Dermaplaning is now a normal part of my skin care regimen and I try to make sure I get a dermaplane at least once a month.

In addition to this procedure I wanted to treat my skin at a deeper level. Since I had a very busy weekend ahead of me it was suggested to me to try a very light chemical peel. Our Illuminize peel is a chemical peel we offer with a very small amount of peeling but the resulting benefits are amazing! All my life I’ve had fairly oily skin that seems to make my face feel heavy. Between my Obagi skincare regimen, regular dermaplaning and chemical peels my face feels fresh and bright. I previously had a much deeper chemical peel and peeled moderately on days 3 and 4 of that peel, but with the light Illuminize peel I only peeled mildly on spots where I had active acne.

Needless to say, with two exfoliating treatments my skin looked fantastic for my crazy weekend (mine and my mother’s birthday). If you’re looking for some beginner treatments to introduce yourself to a better looking (and fuzz free) face then this is definitely the way to get started!

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