Dr. Sheridan’s Fall Skincare Tips

Environmental changes in the Fall months have a direct impact on the status of your skincare, so it is important to make changes to your routine to counteract these factors. Temperature, humidity, and allergies can cause skin conditions, including dry patches, redness and breakouts. The skin becomes drier in colder months because it is producing less oil, which can lead to worsening of eczema and other skin irritations. Likewise, the amount of water in the air (the humidity) affects the hydration in your skin. Humid climates can soften skin and make it easy to maintain fullness. Dryer climates, however, can dehydrate the skin making it more likely to show fine lines and wrinkles. These are a few fall skincare tips to consider—and some of my favorite products and procedures – as you adjust your daily skincare regimen for the Fall:

Cleanser & Toner – Sweat and activity in the summer months require clarifying cleanser and toners, but the Fall and Winter months require a gentler approach to cleansing. Does your skin feel tight after cleansing? If yes, it means the products that you are using are too drying, and it is time to make a change. 

Exfoliation – It is necessary to exfoliate to keep your skin from getting dull, but be careful not to overdo it in the colder months. While humidity and warm temperatures can help buffer the irritating effects of topical retinoids and exfoliants, these protections are not as helpful during Fall and Winter. 

Moisturizer – As the colder weather moves in, it is time to transition from gel moisturizer to something thicker. Choose a heavy cream moisturizer with ceramides – the essential and healthy fatty acids that occur naturally in the skin, but need replenished during the colder months.

Also be sure to use an eye cream to add extra moisture to this sensitive area, as well. One of my favorites is Obagi’s ELASTIderm eye cream.

Sunscreen – While UV radiation is greater in the summer, it is present throughout the year, which means sunscreen is essential all year long. 

Vitamin C – In addition to helping combat SPF rays that are not fully blocked by sunscreen, it also can help even out skin pigmentation and boost collagen production, resulting in a brighter complexion. 

If you are looking to take your Fall skincare a step further and reduce the damage done by the summer sun, you may want to consider one of the treatments offered at Timeless Skin Solutions. 

Genesis/IPL Restore your skin’s youthful glow by combining Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) & Genesis. The lasers of IPL and Genesis work in sync to complement the effectiveness of one another. Paired together, these treatments will stimulate the body’s natural collagen production to reduce the appearance of sunspots, fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. This improves the skin’s overall texture and tone for the radiant glow you crave. 

PearlDuring the Pearl resurfacing treatment, we comfortably remove that layer of rough, uneven skin to reveal the layer of smooth, renewed skin underneath. In just one treatment, we can erase sun damage, reduce pore size, refine tone & texture, eliminate fine lines and increase collagen production. 

 “I have done the Pearl treatment as a patient, and now as one of the attending physicians at Timeless, I highly recommend it,” says Dr. Colleen Sheridan.

“Around this time of year, when many want to correct the damage that may have been done by the summer sun, patients at Timeless are seeing improved texture and amazing results with Pearl.” 

A note to consider when selecting the treatment best for you –  you can achieve the same results with both IPL/Genesis and Pearl. The Pearl requires only one treatment, but involves longer downtime, while IPL/Genesis requires multiple treatments, although less downtime. The medical providers at Timeless can help you determine the best course of treatment for your particular needs. 

Micro-needlingMicro-needling often is a popular treatment choice for patients who desire clinical results, with little to no recovery, and is a valuable alternative to more invasive procedures such as laser skin resurfacing and deep chemical peeling. Micro-needling is an effective treatment for a variety of concerns, including large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, acne, scars, and skin pigmentation issues.

Chemical Peel –  Customized to fit your skincare goals, chemical peels are a tried and true treatment that has been used for years to smooth and brighten skin and correct a variety of complexion concerns. Don’t be scared away by the word chemical – the ingredients in these peels are derived from all-natural ingredients.

At Timeless Skin Solutions, we are committed to providing physician-led, personalized and science-based solutions to all of your skincare needs. I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about your specific goals and how Timeless can help you jump into Fall!

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