Exercise Your Skin

“What should I be doing to maintain and improve the look of my skin?”

We hear this question quite often.

This same question is presented to many doctors as, “What should I be doing to stay healthy and in shape?”

We all know that, at the very least, we should exercise and eat right just to maintain our current health. If we are trying to improve, we might amp up our workout and really cut down on the calories. I know from personal experience that I get flabby and unhealthy if I do nothing.

Well, it’s important to think of skincare the same way. In the simplest of terms: use it or lose it!

  • The Clarisonic Brush = Your Daily Workout: Your skin’s ability to exfoliate itself is like your metabolism; at some point, it just slows down. This means we don’t exfoliate naturally as we did in our younger days and need to do it manually. The Clarisonic Brush is the perfect solution. It removes dead skin along with the dirt and oil trapped underneath and allows your skincare products to penetrate 60% deeper.
  • Cleanser and Toner = Fruits and Veggies: You wouldn’t eat a cherry-flavored candy and count it as a piece of fruit. In the same way, you shouldn’t think of your skincare products as beneficial to the skin unless there’s data and evidence proving they are. This is why we sell medical-grade skincare lines like Obagi and SkinMedica. These products should be the building blocks of your skincare regimen; they have scientifically proven ingredients that can actually transform your skin at the cellular level, restoring healthy function to your skin cells. You’ll see a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots, as well as improved overall texture and tone.
  • TNS Essential Serum = Your Personal Trainer: That’s right, your skin can have its very own personal trainer. SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum contains 11 products in-one, taking your skincare to the next level. Vitamin C, peptides, and antioxidants all work together throughout the day/night to tighten and tone the skin.

So if you’ve fallen off the horse, get back on! Just like eating well and exercising, you have to continue your regimen to see results. And if you’re looking for the P90X equivalent in skincare, you may want to ask us about Titan, Pearl or IPL.

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