Resolutions and Commitments for 2016

2016 is the year of continuing to do what is right!  I have seen the cutest posts regarding people not overcommitting – but staying true to what they know is going right.  So here are my resolutions to continue to do what is right for me:


  1. I will continue to make a weekly calendar of meals to stay on track with eating a clean(er) and balanced diet.  I have used grocery delivery services in the past (still crying over Peapod having left Central Ohio years ago)  and I hear using the curbside service is a good approximation to making the process as easy as possible.
  2. I will continue to plan out my work days, vacation days, and my organizing days for the year, so it’s easy to see when I will work hard, play hard, and rest!  This makes it easier for my staff, my patients, and my family to know when I am available for them.
  3. I will continue to exercise – so happy it is back in my life as a habit!
  4. I will continue to schedule time to have focused reflection and gratitude.
  5. I will continue to read and learn.dr c family
  6. I will continue to have fun with my friends and family!
  7. Finally, my skin care regimen will continue.  I will continue to break it down into above the neck rejuvenation, body sculpting and at home care.  My must haves are an annual Pearl and Ultherapy for the face and neck,  along with Levulan and Ultherapy for the décolleté. In order to maintain the health of my skin I will continue ongoing treatments of IPL for brown spots and redness, SilkPeel and chemical peels for general cellular turnover, and Botox and facial fillers for their lifting and wrinkle reduction ability.  I will update my laser hair removal on my underarms and legs as it has been more than five years since my last treatment and it is time. Two new things I will add into my regimen are CoolSculpting for body sculpting and the new FaceLyft pillow that protects my face while I sleep!   Finally, my skin care will continue with a lightener (Vitamin C and Lytera), Retinol, TNS Essential Serum (So packed with growth factors, antioxidants, peptides that I don’t know how I would live without it!), Clarisonic products for cleansing and eye cream application, and last but certainly not least SUNSCREEN.  dr c with products

Wow, I feel busy just reading this! I commit to continuing a life of service, learning, growing, gratitude, and to being healthy inside and out!

Carol L. Clinton, MD

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