Diary of a Pearl™ Laser Treatment

Skin resurfacing, social downtime, ablative laser … these are some of the phrases you might hear when learning about the Pearl™ Laser treatment at Timeless. The Pearl™ Laser removes brown spots, reduces pore size, and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, which all sound great, but what exactly is meant by “resurfacing”, “downtime”, and “ablative”? Sounds kind of scary doesn’t it?

Caroline, one of our Timeless Patient Care Coordinators, who is also a Licensed Managing Aesthetician, recently received a Pearl™ laser treatment from our newest physician, Dr. Jacques. What better way to understand the treatment then to hear it directly from someone who just received the treatment!

Why Do the Pearl™?

Caroline decided to do the Pearl treatment, primarily to treat her hyper-pigmentation, help even out the texture of her skin, and to give her a lift in the eye area.

Caroline’s Treatment Diary

Prior to the Pearl™ Laser Treatment

A topical numbing cream (lidocaine) was applied to my face which stays on the skin for 45 minutes. The application was relaxing and the numbing cream felt cool on my skin. Dr. Jacques was gentle and professional. She reviewed all post-procedure instructions and answered all my questions. I felt very at ease and relaxed.

My treatment started with an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment to encourage my pigmentation to come to the surface even more. I was walked through everything and knew exactly what was going to happen.

During the Pearl™ Laser TreatmentDr. J 2

I was fairly comfortable throughout the procedure. The laser pulsing on my skin felt similar to mini bee stings in some spots, while others just felt like zaps of heat. My forehead and upper lip were the most sensitive part of the treatment, but definitely bearable. Now that I have seen my results – I would do this treatment over in a heartbeat!

pearl laser
This photo was taken 20 minutes after the pearl treatment was completed.

Post-Treatment (Days 1-6)

Day #1 – After my treatment, my skin was red and it felt like a strong sunburn. I was given a post-procedure kit that contained everything I needed to use for the next few days as my skin was healing and turning over healthy skin cells. As the day went on, (I went right back to work, although this may not be realistic for everyone depending on your profession), I kept my skin moisturized by using the items in the kit and I stayed out of the sunlight (this includes windows!).

pearl laser
Top Images : Day 1; Bottom Images: Day 2

Day #2 – My skin began to peel this day – still feels as if I have a sunburn. My skin is appearing browner today. The Ceramide cream from the post-procedure kit helps a lot! I also noticed that a lot of the pigment from under my skin was coming to the surface. My skin is darker and peeling, however, the skin around my orbital bone (eye) is clearer and my pores are already noticeably smaller!

Day # 3 – My skin feels tight and continues to peel in some areas. My pores are definitely smaller (almost nonexistent!). My eyes are brighter and my pigment is still coming to the surface almost ready to slough off!

Day # 4 – I am not red anymore – my skin feels somewhat tight and dry and I am still peeling.

Day # 5 – I am peeling a little around my hairline, but I am able to wear a little bit of make-up if I want to! My big brown spot is almost completely gone!

pearl laser

Day # 6 – My skin feels completely healed and I am able to go back to my normal skin care regimen. I have a little bit of dryness/flaking leftover. Dr. Jacques recommended a SilkPeel treatment on day 10 which removed any little peeling that was left.

Pearl Laser Results … My hyper-pigmentation (brown spots) is almost completely gone, my pores seem non-existent, and my eyes feel brighter and more open! I sincerely love my results. If you too have sun damage, brown spots, uneven skin tone, and large pores, this is the treatment for you! Call the office of Timeless Skin Solutions (614-799-5100), I answer the phones, and I will get you scheduled for the Pearl treatment.


How to Maintain the Pearl Results

Dr. Jacques recommended one Pearl™ laser treatment per year to maintain my results. She is also going to do an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment to get rid of any remaining pigmentation.

Medical Grade skin care products are also recommended to protect my “investment” and include SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum, Lytera, TNS Ultimately Daily Moisturizer (SPF 20), Total Defense & Repair, Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen Brush (SPF 50).

Check additional information about the Pearl™ Laser here! What are you waiting for? Book your Pearl appointment with Timeless Skin Solutions now!

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