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Skin Care: Columbus What’s in Your Bag?Columbus Skin Care Traveling

Not too long ago, we asked some of our staffers what they stashed in their bags to fight wrinkles, fine lines and acne. What kept them looking great while they traveled?

One Clear Skin Winner Emerged

The Clarisonic Brush earned a spot onboard with fully five of our staffers.

Using sonic technology, the brush loosens dirt and bacteria far better than plain old soap and water or even a washcloth could.

More Sonic Stuff

Our staffer, Mary Beth, also packed her Clarisonic Opal.

The Opal uses the same sonic technology to really infuse good things for your skin specifically around the eyes and even the mouth.

Broken Record

We may keep repeating ourselves, but DON’T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN.

Did we mention not to forget your sunscreen?

We’ll be happy to help out if you have previous sun damage, but we’d much rather see you prevent it.

You can read more about what our staff packed here.

Stop by or give us a call at 614-799-5100 and we’ll be happy to give you some more pointers.




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