Skin Care During Pregnancy

Your hormones are going crazy and your skin is following suit.Skin care during pregnancy.

But what’s safe for skin care during pregnancy?

Luckily, according to Dr. Carol Clinton, there are a number of options.

Dr. Clinton and Gail Hogan recently delved into what you can do to care for skin if you or someone you care about is expecting.

Good News: There Are More Yes’s Than No’s

“The nice thing is there are more things on the yes side than there are on the no side,” Clinton said.

What Is Unsafe During Pregancy?

Retin-A, tretinoin and all the retinoic acids need to be avoided. “These have known effects on fetuses. Absolutely no,” Clinton said. In fact, Clinton advises if you’re even trying to get pregnant to go ahead and skip them.

Caution is also needed with the use of hydroquinone. The medical community isn’t quite sure what might happen with its use during pregnancy, so better to be safe than sorry.

What Is Safe During Pregancy?

Cleansers, toners, and more are great for skin care during pregnancy.

Topical Vitamin E and topical vitamin C are great for lightening skin if you’re starting to get the mask of pregnancy. “The two also are great for skin care in general,” Clinton said.

A favorite around our office is the Obagi Vitamin C oil that’s good for a whole bunch of skin issues.

Additionally, alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy are wonderful exfoliants that can really help with that glow. “They are good when you’re pregnant and when you’re not,” she said.

Pregnancy Skin with A-Peel

Chemical peels and SilkPeels can address a lot of skin issues.

One of the bigger issues for many women who are expecting is breakouts. Chemical peels and SilkPeels can be a way to pamper yourself and really improve your skin overall.

Learn what’s best for you and request an appointment.

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