Columbus Ohio PDT or Columbus Ohio Photodynamic Therapy

Columbus PDT or Photodynamic Therapycolumbus pdt or columbus photodynamic therapy at timeless skin solutions

Randy came to Timeless Skin Solutions with skin concerns found often in men.  He had a ruddiness to his skin he never had in youth. With years outside golfing and being active, sun damage started to surface on his complexion.

There Is More Here Than Meets The Eye

It wasn’t JUST redness that showed up but also precancerous patches or actinic keratosis.

After asking around, Randy discovered friends who had been treated for the condition with photodynamic therapy in Columbus at Timeless Skin Solutions.

When he came to Timeless, a gel called Levulan was applied to his face. The gel acts as a photosensitizing agent. Passes with an Intense Pulsed Light or IPL were then made over his skin.

Get Through The Rough Patches

The Columbus phototherapy is best for a dull appearance, pre-cancerous cells (felt to the patient as “rough patches” of skin), and visible sun damage.

Randy started seeing results in a week or two as you can see from his picture, but he knows more treatments than just the one are to follow.

He said he is excited to see even more change and when asked what the best part of his experience with being treated with PDT in Columbus, he said:


What’s It Like And What’s Next

“My face is so much softer, spots have disappeared even in front of my eyes.

“More even-toned.  I will need a couple more treatments to get the final results I want,” he said.

Photofacials can be used for more than just Randy’s issues but are also useful to treat acne, dark circles and pores.

Find out more about Columbus PDT.

And, you can schedule an appointment to find out if PDT in Columbus will work for you.


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