Columbus Botox and Dysport: Experience Counts

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While an injection of Botox or Dysport isn’t surgery, it’s still very important to select a provider that has loads of experience.

Making sure those injections get where they need to go demands a real familiarity with the muscles in the face and how the two relax those muscles.

Platinum Plus

Dr. Carol Clinton, Gail Hogan and patient Taylor recently discussed how you want a provider that’s performing a lot of these procedures.

Timeless Skin Solutions is one of the top 3 percent of Botox providers in the country and has earned the Platinum Plus designation.

Clinton is often called upon by fellow providers to share her techniques.

It’s in The Way You Move

“Almost everybody has an asymmetrical face, ” Clinton said.

“Some people have more: some people have less. So you have to know where you’re putting the Botox to see how the person’s face moves.”

Easy Does It

An experienced provider will be able to quickly and virtually painlessly get the injectable exactly where it needs to go.

Taylor said her apprehension about needles faded quickly.

“I couldn’t even really feel it, honestly.

“I’d definitely do it again.”

Clinton said when done correctly, getting Botox or Dysport is less uncomfortable than a hair trim.

“It’s not as bad as getting your hair pulled when you get it cut,” she said.

To learn what Botox or Dysport can do for you, schedule a consultation here.


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