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Our Patient Survey Results Summary

Have you ever visited a doctor that would loan you her curling iron? That would give you a hug when you walk through the door? Hold your hand through your procedure? Remember each of your children’s names? Know your exact line of work and can ask how your recent vacation was?

Well, according to our most recent Patient Experience Survey results, our patients have!

Here are some highlights:

From this survey, we were pleased to see that 100% of our patients would recommend our practice to their friends and family. We can only imagine this is because our patients start with a consult and end with beautiful skin, better self esteem, and new friends.

One patient said, “Dr. Clinton and her staff are so kind and caring, it’s like coming to a friend.”

With cosmetic procedures now being offered everywhere from clothing boutiques to dentist offices, this is no surprise to us. Dr. Clinton lives and breathes skincare and practices these procedures all day, every day.

At Timeless Skin Solutions, we believe that each and every one of our patients should be greeted with a smile and allowed the following:

  • A Consultation: We offer—rather, insist upon—a full 30 minute discussion with Allyson, our PA or myself (an RN). This is important for a variety of reasons (which you can read about in Allyson’s blog post) but mostly because it allows you, the patient, to ask questions and discuss your specific skincare concerns.
  • An Individualized Plan: An individualized treatment regimen that will best yield the desired results, including personalized tips and recommendations for maintenance.
  • Transparency: We discuss prices and downtime openly with patients and non-patients alike. Many skincare practices will not discuss pricing over the phone, but we believe it’s important to know how much a procedure will cost or how long you should expect to be peeling, etc. In general, we try to give as much information up front as possible. On top of this, we also know that the cost of our procedures and products can add up, so we try to offer specials and rebates whenever possible.
  • Patient Care: A follow-up phone call or email to discuss any further questions or concerns that may have cropped up after the appointment.

If you value these things as much as we do, call us today to schedule a consultation: 614-799-5100

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