Chemodenervation Agents

Fancy Words with Dr. Clinton

What in the world are chemodenervation agents?

There are two cosmetic medical products on the market in the USA that block the nerve impulses your body sends to your facial muscles. These arechemodenervation agents, but you might know them as Botox or Dysport. With more products like these coming to the market, I expect we’ll be hearing this umbrella term more often.

These chemodenervation agents were initially used to treat a spasm condition called blepharospasm. An astute opthomologist, Dr. Carruthers, noticed that after treating this condition with Botox, he saw an improvement in the patient’s fine lines and wrinkles. The rest is cosmetic medical history.

As cosmetic treatments, chemodenervation agents are used in low doses. The nerves they effect are peripheral nerves and they regenerate over time. This is why re-dosing is typical every three months.


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