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Which Sunscreen is Right For You?

We have all been there: finding yourself blindly staring at 23 different options of sunscreen and having no idea which one is best for your skin.  Then you end up reaching for one because it’s a prettier bottle than the next!

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Your Skin Will Thank You If You Keep House

Cleanliness Is Next to Skinliness That doesn’t sound right does it? “Cleanliness is not next to godliness.

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Housewives of Columbus for Real: Skin Care Products

Empty Bottles and Empty Promises Who among us doesn’t have a nearly-empty bottle of extravagant elixir that didn’t do much. It’s still hanging out in the medicine cabinet or in a drawer, isn’t it?

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Even Presidents Aren’t Immune

Franklin Delano Roosevelt may have battled with malignant melanoma. FDR’s advisors might have covered up the fact to prevent questions about leadership stability, according to reports.

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Managing Acne While Traveling

What could be more glamorous than lying on the shores of the aqua marine Mediterranean in the swank South of France? Oh, who am I kidding?

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FDA Approves Sunscreen Labeling Changes

Just yesterday, the FDA made some serious changes to its guidelines for sunscreen labeling. As you may know, this has been a concern of mine for years, and it is finally being addressed.

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Review: La Roche-Posay Sunscreen

Oh la la, Bonjour mes belles! I’m home from my jet-setting adventures through France and its surrounding countries and can say that the international trend report is in: pale is beautiful.

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