Best Job Ever: Debbi Bergwall

As a Patient Care Associate for Timeless Skin Solutions, Debbi Bergwall spends her time answering the busy phones, booking appointments, and educating patients about products and procedures. “I am on the front line at Timeless, and usually the first person that a new patient talks to about their treatment plan.”

We spent some time with Debbi at the Timeless marketing offices, and interviewed her first hand about why she thinks she has the Best Job Ever. Here’s what she had to say:

What made you choose Timeless as your next career step, and why is it The Best Job Ever? 

Who are your typical patients?

“We don’t have any typical patients. We really don’t. I mean we have people in their 50s who are very similar to me and who are worried about anti aging. We also have young patients who are searching for acne solutions. We have women and men in their 30s that are starting Botox preventative treatments for wrinkles and expression lines. One of my favorite patients is in his 70s and he had issues with rosacea and he had a lot of facial veins and he called us by accident because he was calling to ask for the string face lift which we don’t do or recommend. After talking with me, he scheduled an appointment and has been a repeat patient ever since. His skin looks amazing and he is part of the Timeless family. I always look forward to his calls.”

Why should patients choose Timeless over another provider here in town?

“Because of the culture that Dr. Clinton has created. It starts with her, and even though she’s not here every day, she just has set a standard with herself as well as her providers and everyone here from the phones to the marketing staff. The patient is first and customer service is second to none (it’s very clear that everyone cares here!)”

What is one surprising thing you’ve learned at Timeless?

What part of Timeless Skin Solutions has most impressed you?

“The back office. When I  was a patient here for years I had no idea of what goes on behind the scenes to make Timeless the place that it is. From the marketing department to the customer support, to the training. You don’t feel like you are part of a big company. Once I stepped in behind the scenes, I was truly amazed what goes on here every day.”

Debbi describes “WOO” and what it means to the Timeless culture.

What have you learned from Dr. Clinton?

“To expect the most out of yourself and out of everyone else around you. She sets very high standards and it teaches you to be a better person. You want to be the best person that you can be personally and professionally. She’s awesome.”

What has working at Timeless taught you about yourself?


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