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Though an 8AM meeting on a Wednesday morning doesn’t seem like the most exciting moment to share, the Timeless team was all smiles and laughter as we sat around the room together for our first in-person gathering since early 2020.

While there was breakfast to enjoy, coffee to sip, and work to discuss (consensus is that RHA filler is amazing!), the highpoint was just having the ability to reconnect after over a year of disruption and disconnection. Marketing Director Kristy Suttle confirms, “My favorite part of the meeting was when the team shared their personal good news.”

The good news included everything from getting wedding-ready to upcoming ninja camps, dance recitals, and swim competitions; anticipation of much-needed vacations; and even that “lipstick is back!” But most of all, the most popular answer was “being together as a team again!” 💚

We also spent some time discussing our upcoming Patient Appreciation Event (pssst … it is tentatively scheduled for August 11th!), and the new systems and best practices that we have in place to continue to bring our patients the top Timeless experience. But even during the “work-talk,” there was a wave of gratitude shared by the staff with a round of applause by all for everyone’s dedication and hard work through a year like no other.

To our patients who are more like family, we thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin. We love what we do and we love providing for you even more, stop by soon!

– Team Timeless 💚

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