All Procedures Have Risks

Just last week, BBC’s Kate Silverton announced she would be taking legal action against a surgeon after undergoing a Fraxel laser procedure that left her face so badly marked she was unable to work for two weeks.

She’s quoted as saying, “It’s been awful. I went in to get some minor scarring on my cheeks treated…I was told it would be a routine procedure and I’d be back to work in days. The treatment, however, caused a massive skin reaction.”

I think it’s important to note that all procedures have risks and it’s unfortunate that Kate had to endure this. Some people experience Fraxel as a no-downtime treatment, however, when used to repair acne scarring, there typically is some downtime. This is due to the depth and energy used to repair the skin. When using higher energy, the risk for post inflammatory hypo/hyper-pigmentation rises significantly, and swelling or redness can also be severe. Time and topical creams can improve discoloration, but results may be permanent.

If you have experienced negative side effects to Fraxel or other laser skin treatments, contact me at our office. I have experience treating conditions that can occur as a biproduct of another treatment.


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