A “Timeless” Weekend

A few weeks ago I had an incredible opportunity to attend a conference in Carlsbad, California for 2 days of meetings with SkinMedica. For those of you who are not familiar with SkinMedica, you may want listen up! SkinMedica is one of the favorite skin care product lines of Dr. Clinton and the staff of Timeless Skin Solutions. This is the company that makes Essential Serum…you know…The Essential Serum. As seen on Oprah and The Doctors! I know a few lights just went on and ears perked up!

Why is SkinMedica one of our favorites?

The quick answer is because these products make a difference in the appearance of the skin! It is our goal at Timeless Skin Solutions to enhance and rejuvenate the look of our patients and these products make that goal attainable.

I do NOT travel much, which is why I packed a small suitcase for my conference with what I thought would be the bare minimum for three nights. I had a few business casual dresses, the token workout clothes and bathing suit, which were never used, my hair straightener, a bag full (okay two bags full) of toiletries, makeup and my Timeless skin care products like my favorite SkinMedica Aha Bha cream which I use religiously.

In this tiny suitcase I also fit other non-negotiable items like a large bottle hairspray for my newly cut bangs that I DO NOT know how to style correctly and a some paper and pens for writing lots of good notes! I was extremely proud of myself for fitting everything I needed into one small suitcase because that meant I could avoid checking my bag.

When I arrived at the airport I started to panic because although I planned on not checking my bag, I did not really think about what that meant. I kid you not, I started to sweat. What did I even pack? All of my skin care products have to be over the 3oz limit. Would I have to leave them behind? Would I have to pick and choose what to keep and what to get rid of?

Of course everyone knows what is coming….my bag got stopped during the security process at the Columbus airport. This always happens to me. I must have had a look of guilt as I wonder if they are going to dig around in my bag and find my tweezers. They were not concerned with my tweezers, although they should have been because anyone who owns a pair of tweezerman tweezers knows that they could substitute for a weapon in a pinch….pun intended!

They were also not concerned about my skin care products…thank god because I would prefer to miss my plane over throwing those babies out. I actually know someone who politely told security at the airport that she would rather miss her plane than throw out her skincare products because they cost more than her plane ticket.

What did not make it through airport security was the aerosol hair spray. Since I don’t know how to style my bangs anyway, I will just pin them back. Crisis averted. Throw it out!

I got to the hotel late Thursday evening and I was exhausted but excited for the weekend to begin. I was not only excited to go on this trip because it meant 2 nights at an amazing hotel and fantastic views of Carlsbad (although that didn’t hurt ☺), I was also looking forward to meeting the people responsible for making some of the products that Dr. Clinton and all of us at Timeless Skin Solutions really believe in. I was not disappointed. It ended up being a great opportunity for me to further my knowledge regarding skin care, acne and anti-aging in general, but it also provided me with the opportunity to talk with the SkinMedica’s research and development team about the science and clinical studies behind their products. During the course of the weekend I spent hours getting advanced training on all things skin…It was great to learn different uses and applications for various skin rejuvenation ingredients and products which we at Timeless will pass along to our patients.

The staff of Timeless Skin Solutions is committed to give our patients the best in non-surgical, skin rejuvenation options and will continue to attend training seminars not only in Columbus but in other parts of the Country. Personally, I have to say that attending a conference on skin care, knowing that I will be able to help Timeless patients look their best, did not seem like work!

Let me share more of what I learned with you personally. Contact me at info@timelessskinsolutions.com to setup a skin care consultation so Timeless can keep you looking and feeling your best.

James Kone, SR. Director of Sales at SkinMedica and I at the dinner reception after the seminar!

Soon to be posted….Two Timeless employees journey to Hawaii for a continuing education seminar


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