A Journey with the Pearl™ Treatment

Hello my name is Dr. Mindy Jacques and I am here to take you through my personal experience with the Pearl treatment.

As a teen, I struggled with acne. This continued up into my adult life and has left me with slight scarring and large pores. I decided to have the Pearl™ treatment done to improve the overall texture of my skin as well as the crepiness under my eyes.

Pearl is an ablative, nonfractional laser which removes the top layer of skin, It leaves your skin with a smooth texture, helps with discoloration, and improves the appearance of scars, pores and fine lines.

My Pearl Treatment Experience Day-by-Day

Pearl Treatment Day 1


The day of the procedure, I first had a silk peel done to exfoliate the dead skin and infuse a hydrating solution to help prepare my skin for the laser. Numbing cream was then applied and I waited an hour for this to take effect.

Since one of my main concerns was the crepiness under my eyes, small, protective goggles, similar to contacts were used so that my skin could be treated to my lash line. An IPL laser treatment, used to break down dark spots was done next to further prepare my skin. I was then ready for the Pearl!

The laser made a snapping sound which initially sounded loud and startling but very quickly became less intimidating. It also felt very warm on my skin but was easy to manage during the quick procedure. The entire treatment for my face and neck took about 30 mins. I took ibuprofen prior to the procedure, but there is also an option of taking an oral medication to ease the anxiety of treatment.

Immediately after the laser, my skin felt like I had a sunburn. It also looked very red and I could see the honeycomb pattern of the laser. A treatment cream was applied as well as cool water mist, which I was given along with a gentle cleanser to use at home. I continued to use the mist water bottle throughout the evening and kept it in my refrigerator as the cool water was very comforting. I also began doing vinegar soaks the day of the procedure to help aid the healing process. My skin did feel very warm the first 2-3 hours after the procedure but calmed down significantly after that.

Pearl Treatment Day 2


I began using gentle cleanser and treatment cream. My face felt a little warm but it was not uncomfortable.


Pearl Treatment Day 3


My skin started to look more brown than red. It also began to feel tight as it prepared to peel.

Pearl Treatment Day 4


My skin began peeling. I continued to wash and apply treatment cream throughout the day. It was exciting to see the healthy skin peeking through.

Pearl Treatment Day 5

DrJ_Pearl_600_7 DrJ_Pearl_600_8

Most of the dead skin had peeled. My skin was so smooth!

Day 7 & Beyond!


Less than one week after treatment and my skin looked great! My neck was still slightly pink but otherwise there were no signs of having an intensive laser treatment done.

I had a silk peel one week after the procedure to help remove any leftover dead skin and add hydration. I have had several people comment on how great my skin looks since the procedure was done–most who did not have knowledge I was even doing it. I am very happy I decided to have the Pearl done.

Interested in experiencing the brilliance of Pearl™ for yourself? Request an appointment today!

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