50 at 30 – to keep me 30 at 50!!!

Alas, it’s time again! Every 3 months it’s time to re-do your Botox or Dysport injections to keep those wrinkles at bay. In fact, just last week Dr. Clinton injected me to keep my 30-something face looking the best it can. 50 units at 30 years old – so that I’ll be looking like I’m 30 when I’m 50!

Botox and Dysport are both injectable solutions used to smooth wrinkles which are caused by muscular contraction. And, yes, they both work and they are both great! Both products work by temporarily relaxing the muscles of facial expression which are responsible for drawing the skin together and creating lines or wrinkles.

We use Botox and Dysport to treat frown lines between brows, fine lines on the forehead, eyes and lips, as well as “bunny lines” on the sides of the nose, the fine lines around the mouth and chin dimpling. Among other things, these products can also be used to smooth “necklace lines” and prevent the lines that result from the down-turning of the mouth. The treated muscles will progressively relax over the course of the several days following the injection and will reach their maximum degree of relaxation within about 5-10 days. The effects of Botox or Dysport gradually start to wear off between 2-3 months after the injection and most patients find that to maintain their treatment they need to be re-injected about every 3 months. As always, these figures can vary greatly depending on the patient.

At Timeless Skin Solutions, the cost of Botox and Dysport is priced by the unit rather than by the area as some other practices do. Each patient has their own individual needs for optimal treatment and we feel that each patient’s needs are best met with the exact amount that is appropriate for each patient’s unique situation, i.e. muscle strength, patient desires and severity of lines or wrinkles.

So, what are the differences between Botox and Dysport? Well, to be honest, not too much! Botox has been used effectively for cosmetic purposes in the United States for many years, whereas Dysport’s approval for cosmetic use has been more recent (although it has been used safely for many years throughout Europe and many other countries worldwide). However, while they are similar in function, they are not the same drug. They have different dosages and may effect patients differently. While both compounds have good patient satisfaction, some patients have noticed clinical differences such as duration of onset and duration of effect.

Thank goodness for Botox and Dysport! Here’s to smooth, healthy and beautiful skin!

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