2016 Top Trends in Skin Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting

2016 Top Six Trends 

  1. Micro-Needling Magic: This highly effective treatment creates micro incisions that stimulate collagen production. And when Micro-Needling is combined a chemical peel it can combat sun damage and fine lines.MicroPen-Micro-Needling
  2. Unstoppable Injectables: We will continue to see these minimal downtime, high results treatments grow.  We know they can prevent lines, treat acne and headaches, and give lift and volume to areas on the face that are thinning and/or sagging!  
  3. Blade-less Body Sculpting: The use of CoolSculpting continues to expand its effectiveness through multiple treatments and multiple areas.  Using the right degree of cooling you really can lose fat without surgery!  If loose skin is the concern, Titan and Ultherapy can be used to sculpt the area.chin with turtleneck
  4. Less Wagging of your Double Chin: No need to hide your chin and neck with a turtleneck! Finally a non-surgical solution to treat double chins! Both Kybella and CoolMini were approved in 2015.  You can wave goodbye to that area under your chin that can be mildly bulging to an all out wagging when you walk!
  5. The Second Coming of Hyaluronic Acid: SkinMedica has released a new product that has five different forms of HA (hyaluronic acid) that work synergistically to optimize smoothness in the appearance of fine lines instantly while providing up to 8 hours of continuous hydration. Why is this important to you? Dehydrated skin causes aging. Hyaluronic acid hydrates your skin. Rehydrating skin can reverse aging. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Read this New York Times article to understand more about this super ingredient.ha5
  6. Do it yourself: New pillows that take the stress off facial skin and structures are hitting the market.  Try the FaceLyft pillow and reduce the amount of facial stress during the night. Other new at home options are hair growth products. Look for Viviscal Pro Supplements and Ducray Hair Products. Both are affordable products that help stop hair loss, are drug-free, and contain nutrients to help keep your hair healthy.

Keep an eye out for our 2016 blog posts. It is our goal and commitment to provide an explanation of the science behind new and existing products and treatments. Understand not just what we can do for you but how it happens.  Here is to a great start to 2016.

Carol L. Clinton, MD


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