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Communications Manager
Manda Logan

I work at Timeless because I’m inspired by the care and thought that goes into everything we do. Patient experience, not revenue, always comes first, and because of that I can feel good about the energy I put into my work. Great care is also taken to ensure that employees are happy and healthy, and our voice is always heard. The entire team works tirelessly to dig deep and be better and I’m grateful to be here.

Manda graduated in 2008 from Ohio University with a BA in International Studies and a minor in Spanish. She was also inducted into the Aplha Lambda Delta Honors Fraternity. Following graduation, Manda answered a Craiglist ad for a Patient Care Coordinator position at a very small medical practice in Dublin, Ohio. When asked about this later, she identifies this as one of those moments in life that changes the trajectory forever. She worked for several years in multiple capacities, contributing to the customer service, operations and marketing aspects of the business.

Manda left Timeless for several years as her husband pursued career opportunities both out of state and internationally. Manda’s eclectic pursuits both in work and in life allowed her to add value at multiple companies that were as diverse in industry as they were in mission along the away. The common denominator for Manda has always been to use her talents and interests in communication, customer service and processes to support the mission of an organization she truly believes in. In 2015, Manda and her husband moved back to the US from Spain in order for Manda to pursue her career at Timeless.

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