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Unwanted Hair

Medical treatments for smooth, hair-free skin

Unwanted hair is more than a nuisance — it can be downright upsetting. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer. Dr. Clinton and her staff can help.

Excess hair is typically caused by medications, genetics and hormonal fluctuations. Those same factors, plus age, ethnicity, weight, diet and metabolism, also play a role in the location and thickness of unwanted hair.

The most commonly treated areas for unwanted hair in women are upper lip, chin, bikini line, legs, arms and underarms; in men, it’s the shoulders, neck, back and beard.

Removing unwanted hair also can alleviate other hair-related disturbances like folliculitis and ingrown hairs, as well as improve the associated bumps, redness and irritation that are often associated with these conditions.

For less painful hair reduction than waxing, Dr. Clinton recommends Dermaplane for lightly colored fine facial hair and/or Laser Hair Removal for darker hair on the face or body.