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Lifts and tightens sagging skin

Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved non-invasive treatment for lifting the skin on the neck, chin and brow. Ultherpay uses focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen deep within the skin without downtime. The result? Tighter, better-fitting skin, even on the neck!

Natural. Non-invasive. No downtime.

How it Works/What To Expect

During treatment a smooth applicator goes over your skin. This allows us to view and target where to focus the energy. From there, the same applicator gently delivers the low level heat beneath the skin.

The low level focused energy sparks collagen production that lifts and tightens loose skin.

Results generally reach their full potential in about two or three months. Want to see see what an Ultherapy treatment could look like on you? Simply click the link below to find out!


Patient Instructions

Expect some temporary minor redness and possible brief swelling. For more information about instructions, call our office at 614-799-5100.

Ultherapy Before and After Lower Face

Ultherapy Before and After Brow Lift