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Treatments to tighten skin and reduce sagging

Losing weight, marking another birthday, becoming a mom, or having fun in the sun. These are all reasons to celebrate—but they’re also some of the main reasons why the skin on our face and body can begin to sag.

Happily, new medical advances mean Dr. Clinton can offer safer, non-surgical alternatives for drooping facial skin, loose jowls and poochy parts on the abdomen, elbows or above the knees.

For a truly timeless look, we recommend the following face and body tightening procedures: Titan®, Facial Fillers, Botox® Cosmetic/Dysport™, Pearl™ or Ultherapy.

Most procedures work best on patients who have maintained their weight, while other procedures are ideal for those who’ve undergone surgical intervention, such as liposuction. Dr. Clinton or a member of her staff can discuss the type and timing of your procedure during your initial consultation.