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Pearl™ Laser

Tightens and reduces the appearance of pores

Pearl™ is a laser resurfacing treatment that uses a unique wavelength of light to send heat to the deeper layers of the skin.

This stimulates collagen production for immediate and long-term anti-aging benefits, including correcting sun damage, lines, acne scars and, of course, enlarged pores. Pearl™ renews skin’s surface while restoring its natural glow.

How it Works/What To Expect

During the procedure, Dr. Clinton treats the top layer of skin with pulses of light in a pre-selected pattern. Many patients describe the treatment as a series of intense but brief pinches, almost like a rubber band snapping the skin. As with any procedure that has the propensity to produce discomfort, Dr. Clinton offers a numbing cream prior to treatment.

Immediately after treatment, skin will be red and swollen with a honeycomb-like appearance. Later, the skin will form a natural, protective dressing that sloughs off within 3 to 4 days, however, most patients can expect 5 to 7 days of work and social downtime.

After treatment, most patients notice overall skin clarity, smoothness, softness and reduced pigmentation issues.

Optimal results are seen after 1 to 2 treatments, however, new collagen production will continue for up to 6 months.

Patient Instructions

Do not pick, peel, rub or irritate the skin while it heals. See complete treatment instructions.

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