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Anti-aging eye treatments

Product For Your Peepers from Timeless Skin Solutions on Vimeo.

Eyes are usually the first facial feature others notice. But they’re also the first place to show the telltale signs of aging.

Whether it’s crow’s feet, dark circles, deep tear troughs or loose, crepey skin around the eyes, Dr. Clinton can help.

Genetics, gravity, sun, sleep, weight changes and repetitive muscle motion, such as talking, eating or smoking, all play a role in those subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) changes to the delicate eye area.

To rejuvenate the eye area and combat discoloration, lines, wrinkles and collagen loss, Dr. Clinton will prescribe an individualized treatment plan of products, procedures and therapies including: Botox® Cosmetic/Dysport™, Facial Fillers, Pearl™, Laser Genesis, Latisse®, the Clarisonic Opal and Ultherapy.

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