One of the most delicate skin areas, the eyes can show early signs of aging.  At Timeless we have the solutions to protect this delicate skin area.


  1. Botox®  is an injectable that works selectively and precisely to relax fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead and on the face.  Patients love this non-surgical, no downtime, 15 minute treatment to both prevent and treat crow’s feet. Timeless is in the top 1% of injectors in the United States, which means we provide more Botox® treatments than most.
  2. The Pearl Laser treats the “crepe-y” skin that develops under the eye area by stimulating collagen production for immediate and long-term anti-aging benefits.tiredeye
  3. Facial Filler is the perfect solution for filling out the hollows that form under the eyes because it helps plump up the under eye area.
  4. Neotensil – an at-home, non-invasive solution to treat unsightly under-eye bags. It works immediately with no surgery and no downtime.grouped_elastiderm_eye_product
  5. As always, medical-grade eye creams will continually prolong treatments while reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and brightening your under eye area.  Our favorite products include Obagi Elastiderm and SkinMedica Eye Repair.  Don’t forget your lashes!  Latisse is the only FDA approved product to grow lashes longer, fuller, darker.


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anti aging tomatoIt’s a yummy Tasty Tuesday in search of foods to fight aging skin… and who wouldn’t love sauteed shrimp atop a heaping bed of spaghetti with SPF-filled marinara….

Wait, what?

Well, tomatoes provide lycopene, which acts as a natural sunblock, preventing the UV damage that causes sun spots, dryness and wrinkles. Dr. Oz let us know cooking your tomatoes maximizes their anti-aging benefits making them one of the best foods to help fight aging skin.

kristy's shrimp

Kristy decided to share a tomato-filled dinner with her family and we think it looks pretty tasty this Tuesday!




We are loving the rest of the Dr. Oz’s post about what other foods are best for aging skin so feel free to read the rest!

Do you already have sun spots? Find out how we can customize a solution for you –


You heard right!  All while shopping for the perfect Father’s Day Gift.

Brilliant Distinctions Mall

Maybe Dad wants a new TV from Best Buy, workout equipment from Sports Authority or a new shirt from Banana Republic?

Purchase your Father’s Day gift through the Brilliant Distinctions (BD) Shopping Mall and earn BD points that you can apply to your next Botox, Juvederm, Latisse and SkinMedica purchases. Earn points for ALL purchases made through the BD Shopping Mall.

Get Dad an awesome Father’s Day gift this year and he never has to know you are earning FREE Botox as a result!  Now that’s what we would call a Win-Win purchase!

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Dr. Clinton wanted to spotlight the newest filler: JUVÉDERM VOLUMA™ XC and answer your frequently asked questions.

Juvederm Voluma XC

How do cheek fillers work?  They work by having less compressibility, while also adding a lift in the skin.  Most patients either want a more defined cheek bone or want a lift in the lower face.  Cheek fillers can treat these concerns.

Can cheek fillers take the place of surgical procedures like a face lift or cheek implant?   And if so, in what ways are fillers better?  They can take the place or prevent the need for surgical procedures.  It is better to think of cheek fillers as an alternative.  The volume of change can be adjusted by the individual amount injected – so the single largest advantage is the ability to customize the treatment areas for each patient.

How long will the effect of cheek fillers last?  Voluma specifically is seeing 65% of patients report they can still see a change at 2 years.

Does this procedure work on everyone?  Or are there exceptions?  This procedure works on individuals looking for less flattening of the face which happens with age and also patients needing lifting.   The placement of the filler can vary with age and skin thickness.  There are patients whom this filler is not indicated to use on and that would require a discussion with your physician.

How long is the procedure, and what is the recovery time?  The procedure can take up to 30 minutes.  There is very little to no down-time with the procedure – although bruising may occur.  It may take several days to weeks for all side effects to decrease such as: ability to feel the filler under the skin, bruising and swelling.

Does this procedure require more than one session?  And how much does each procedure usually cost?  Different fillers have different answers to this question.  Some fillers require several treatments to achieve optimal results, which will then need maintained.  Others require a period of time for collagen to produce – such as Radiesse and Voluma.  Prices range from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on how much cheek filler is needed.

How different will the patient look after the procedure?  The patient will look like their face has a more youthful appearance – with a softer curve to the face and not as much flattening.  Occasionally, some of the filler can be pushed under the eye area and the dark circles can be reduced in this area as well.

Do you have some advice on how not to look too “done” from fillers?  Go slow – more can be added at a later date.  If you are in your 30s most optimal results can occur from the first treatment, and then continuing to improve upon these prior results is recommended.  If you have aged beyond 40 with no prior treatments, it’s important not to expect every line to be gone with the first treatment.  When treating lines around the mouth it’s important to have patience if there are more than a few.  And no one wants the look of duck lips.  I suggest using a smaller amount of filler in these lines but a bit more frequently.

Studies cited that common side effects of this procedure include swelling, bruising, redness, pain and itching that can last up to 4 weeks—are there ways to lessen or eliminate these outcomes?  Yes.  Avoid omega supplements and antioxidants before treatment, as well as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and alcohol up to five days prior to procedure.  Taking a bromaine supplement, drinking pineapple juice the evening before, and using Arnica cream before the procedure can help.  Icing and pressure at time of the procedure are also helpful.  Finally, rate of injection is important and a slow, steady injection is preferred to lessen bruising.

Who can administer this procedure?  Physicians usually administer the procedure, but law varies state by state and RNs & PAs are able to inject in some states.  Other licensed professionals such as dentists have also received state approval to inject, but this again varies by state.  What credentials should we look for?  Please have someone who does this as their primary practice and not an adjunct to their practice.  Go to someone who does this frequently and has patients that will give you feedback on their experience.  Does the staff look like you would like to look?  Do the patients have the look that you want?

Empty Bottles and Empty PromisesTimeless Skin Solutions Columbus Skin Care Products

Who among us doesn’t have a nearly-empty bottle of extravagant elixir that didn’t do much. It’s still hanging out in the medicine cabinet or in a drawer, isn’t it?
C’mon. You’ve got more than a few, don’t you?

If you’re going to the cosmetic counter looking for something to really, truly help your skin, you may leave empty-handed or with an empty wallet and few – if any –  results.
You might get pretty bottles and fancy labels so popular with the infamous housewives, though.


Medical Grade

The products we carry are rigorously tested by the FDA.
What does that mean?
According to Dr. Carol Clinton, the cosmetic counter stuff just doesn’t jump through nearly the same amount of hoops that medical grade does.
“They do not have to go through that testing at all.”


Costs Are Similar – Results, Not So Much

Clinton said her patients tell her they go to the department stores and ante up some serious cash.
“They’ll tell me how much they spent for it and the whole line (we carry) doesn’t cost as much as that (one) product,” she said.
Medications are evaluated the same way the skin care lines we have are.
“The products go through the same rigorous testing” as oral medications, she said.


A Patient’s Perspective

Carol, one of Clinton’s patients, recently said being greeted with so many choices at the department store was confusing at best.
We can easily help you identify your skin issues and how best to treat them.
“This makes it a no-brainer,” Carol said.
“I still run out to find my lipstick but I don’t worry about my skin care,” she said.
Clinton said, “They are very cost-effective compared to what you find at the department store.”


What’s Available

Among lines we carry in Columbus are Obagi, SkinMedica, La Roche-Posay,  DermaRx, Dermaquest, NIA24 and Vivite.


To set up a consultation, contact us here.


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Our Patient Survey Results Summary

Have you ever visited a doctor that would loan you her curling iron? That would give you a hug when you walk through the door? Hold your hand through your procedure? Remember each of your children’s names? Know your exact line of work and can ask how your recent vacation was?

Well, according to our most recent Patient Experience Survey results, our patients have!

Here are some highlights:

From this survey, we were pleased to see that 100% of our patients would recommend our practice to their friends and family. We can only imagine this is because our patients start with a consult and end with beautiful skin, better self esteem, and new friends.

One patient said, “Dr. Clinton and her staff are so kind and caring, it’s like coming to a friend.”

With cosmetic procedures now being offered everywhere from clothing boutiques to dentist offices, this is no surprise to us. Dr. Clinton lives and breathes skincare and practices these procedures all day, every day.

At Timeless Skin Solutions, we believe that each and every one of our patients should be greeted with a smile and allowed the following:

  • A Consultation: We offer—rather, insist upon—a full 30 minute discussion with Allyson, our PA or myself (an RN). This is important for a variety of reasons (which you can read about in Allyson’s blog post) but mostly because it allows you, the patient, to ask questions and discuss your specific skincare concerns.
  • An Individualized Plan: An individualized treatment regimen that will best yield the desired results, including personalized tips and recommendations for maintenance.
  • Transparency: We discuss prices and downtime openly with patients and non-patients alike. Many skincare practices will not discuss pricing over the phone, but we believe it’s important to know how much a procedure will cost or how long you should expect to be peeling, etc. In general, we try to give as much information up front as possible. On top of this, we also know that the cost of our procedures and products can add up, so we try to offer specials and rebates whenever possible.
  • Patient Care: A follow-up phone call or email to discuss any further questions or concerns that may have cropped up after the appointment.

If you value these things as much as we do, call us today to schedule a consultation: 614-799-5100

SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum

The first product I began using when I started at Timeless is the Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum. Filled with antioxidants and peptides, all you need is a pump in the morning and a pump before bed; it’s just too easy.

The biggest change that I noticed in my skin was the texture. After using TNS Essential Serum for only one month, my skin was smoother to the touch and make-up looks much more natural and dewy.

One of my goals when I started seeing Dr. Clinton was to have makeup-optional skin. Thanks to this product, I am certainly on my way. It’s easy to trade in for a new car or new dress, but my skin is here to stay! If you want to whip your skin into shape, I recommend TNS Essential Serum by SkinMedica.

Call today and we will be happy to talk to you about this amazing product: 614-799-5100

Just yesterday, the FDA made some serious changes to its guidelines for sunscreen labeling. As you may know, this has been a concern of mine for years, and it is finally being addressed. When choosing a sunscreen, you need to consider protection from the rays that will burn your skin (UVB, and the number associated with the sunscreen) as well as protection from aging and potential cancer causing rays (UVA).

Many people don’t know that those ultraviolet A rays are the ones that cause wrinkles. They are so strong that they can penetrate glass and can travel even deeper into the skin than the UVB rays. When this happens, the UVA rays injure the cells in the basal layer of the epidermis (where most skin cancers occur) and damage the skin’s DNA. It is these changes or mutations that can lead to skin cancer.

What to look for: The label on the sunscreen you purchase should say “broad spectrum”. This means that, starting next year, it will provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays.  SPF greater than 50 will only be labeled 50+ as there is so little difference between sunscreens above the 50 (UVB) rating (in terms of protection from burning in the sun).  The FDA did leave open the possibility that a company could claim higher than 50, if they could prove a significant difference deserving the higher value.

From my experience, I prefer longer acting UVA sun protection as found in La Roche Posay Anthelios line.  If you’re in a pinch and can’t find this brand, I also recommend Neutrogena.

Here is a list of some other changes the FDA has put into action:

  • The terms “waterproof” and “sweatproof” on sunscreen is now banned. The FDA says these are “exaggerations of performance.” Companies can use the term, “water resistant,” only if test results back up the claim, and they will have to say how many minutes the sunscreen can last in the water.
  • The phrase “sun block” will be banned because products don’t completely block the sun, they deflect it.
  • Only products with a SPF of 15 or higher can claim to lower the risk of cancer.

I am glad to finally see this new change being made to sunscreen labels. This will support our personal and effort to prevent skin cancer and premature aging.

Birds are chirping, lawnmowers buzzing, and we can smell our neighbor’s barbecue all weekend long. It must be that time of the year again: Father’s Day.

At Timeless Skin Solutions, we know that finding the right gift is more than important, so we’ve put together this list to make your shopping just a little easier.

  • The Adventurer: This dad does it all, and he’s great at it—just as great as Chevy Chase is when it comes to cutting down a Christmas tree or putting up the holiday lights. If the dad in your life has this same boundless enthusiasm, he needs a serious sunblock to protect him while he’s running from golfing to soccer practice, to the back yard to fire up the grill. Help him stay safely protected from the sun’s harmful rays with SkinMedica’s Environmental Defense SPF 50 Sunscreen. Extremely water-resistant, this product boasts the UV ProPlex complex, which improves this sunscreen’s performance by allowing a more uniform distribution of UV filters on the skin. Simultaneously, this product distributes medical-grade antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage.  This SPF is a must-have for days at the pool, at the country club, or in the yard. Don’t forget about the back of your hands and the back of your neck, Pops!
  • Mr. Type A: Gender stereotypes tell us that the woman is supposed to be the orderly one in the relationship and the man is, well, not. Some of us know from experience, however, that this is not always the case. Mr. Type A is constantly on top of the kids’ schedules, has grocery shopping down to a science, and  has already mapped out, hour by hour, the plan (and backup plan) for the upcoming weekend. Someone who can manage family logistics with hands behind the back and a big smile on the lips is a great candidate for Obagi. The Nu-derm System (sold in-store) can be a process. It requires commitment to changing your skin for the better and a desire to achieve the look you’ve always wanted once and for all. If the dad in your life is willing to comply with an easy-to-follow six-step process, he’ll see results that will have the special someone in his life mussing him up in no time.
  • The Entrepreneur: Men in business are often the first to admit that looking good is important. With the market being what it is, the competition can be quite steep. More men than ever before are aiming to refresh their image and give them an edge over younger candidates. A gift certificate from Timeless at any value will help get the father in question on his way to a youthful look. Some services he might be interested in are Botox or Dysport to brighten the eye area, laser hair removal to tidy the neck area (and cut down on morning shave time), or a light chemical peel to add a youthful glow to the skin just before an interview or important meeting.
  • The Wine Connoisseur: This dad clearly understands the importance of anti-oxidants. If he votes Napa Valley for the family vacation spot each year, we recommend SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum and/or the SkinMedica TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20.  Both products boast powerful anti-oxidants at a medical grade fine enough to penetrate the skin’s cells and bring about serious protection from free radicals.  With this product, this dad will be just like a fine wine—he’ll only get better with age.
  • The Tender Soul: Who could forget Steve Martin in Father of the Bride?  For the dad who’s a little, shall we say, sensitive, we suggest the Sensitive Skin Cleanser by SkinMedica. Loaded with soothing botanical extracts, this product is especially great for the delicate skin on dad’s face that often gets inflamed after shaving.

At the end of the day, all of the fathers who have made our lives special deserve to be pampered. Stop by Timeless Skin Solutions or give us a call (614-799-5100) before the fast-approaching weekend and we’ll help you pick out the perfect Father’s Day gift for the special dad in your life.



Oh la la, Bonjour mes belles! I’m home from my jet-setting adventures through France and its surrounding countries and can say that the international trend report is in: pale is beautiful.

Take one step into the Louvre museum in Paris and you’ll see immediately that painters for centuries, the likes of Botticelli and DaVinci, have celebrated the luminosity of healthy, glowing, and unblemished skin. It’s a rather…er…timeless look, if you will.

What else is in vogue in France? Innovation in science to create products for optimal skin care. This means remedial formulas created with natural, medical-grade ingredients which penetrate the pores and layers of our skin more effectively. These deeper layers are  precisely where we may be harboring the foundations for acne, wrinkles, graying and dull skin, and other annoying skin detriments, so reaching them is crucial to changing to the texture or general condition of our skin. Vive la science!

There are pharmacies on every corner in France, indicated by iconic glowing neon-green crosses, where pharmacists assist the French in obtaining prescriptions, medications, and beauty products. The French know that health and beauty go together like baguettes and brie. When it comes to protection from sun damage, each and every pharmacist in France, from the beaches of St. Tropez to the Eiffel Tower, will prescribe the exact same tried and true line: La Roche-Posay.

Clinically speaking, this French favorite boasts a striking main ingredient, their unique selenium-rich Thermal Spring Water, which comes from the heart of a small village in central France called La Roche Posay. Loaded with minerals, this sunscreen is a tireless protective force against the beating rays of the summer sun, with anti-aging, soothing properties for anti-inflammatory cellular preservation.

My favorite thing about this product is that it is hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. As an acne-prone individual in my early twenties, I can personally attest that this is the first sun block product which has not led to facial breakouts. Stop by Timeless Skin Solutions and we’ll help you choose the La Roche-Posay sunscreen that’s right for you.

The only other French beauty tip I can prescribe you is a nightly glass of red wine from la Loire valley, sipped slowly, for anti-oxidants (doctor’s orders!) and you, too, can be beautiful just like zee French.