Why You Should Stick With Your Tret

If you want to get right to the source of your skin issues and bring out that new layer of youthful, dewy skin sooner rather than later, you need to do this step everyday. Many patients will argue that they are red and flaky, but I believe in that old saying, “No pain, no gain”.

If you can stand the redness and peeling that comes along with it when you begin the system, keep going. Moving steadfastly through this stage will get you to your end goal faster, and your skin will adjust to the Tretinoin. I know sometimes that extra step just feels so grueling, but trust me, it’s worth the effort.

And if the redness is just too bothersome and/or noticeable for you to bear, add on Skin Medica’s Redness Relief to help settle it down. It has worked wonders for me.

Related: We found this video diary on YouTube from an Obagi Nu-Derm user who is NOT a patient of Timeless Skin Solutions. Even though she has not been seen by Dr. Clinton, we thought these videos would be good to share with our patients. It visually shows her account of the skin’s transformation while using the Nu-Derm System. Have you had a similar experience? We’d love to hear your comments!

Before working at Timeless Skin Solutions, I was somewhat clueless about skincare. I knew the basics: keep your skin clean and stay out of the sun. Anything beyond that, however, was a mystery. One of the most surprising things I learned was the importance of toner.

I always assumed toner was just some random harsh mix of chemicals to get rid of extra makeup, or soap residue, or to dry up your skin enough that no oil could form. Really though, toner is not supposed to be harsh or drying.

I now use toner every day after cleansing because it makes my skin the perfect pH for the products I use after. People tend to have different pH levels, depending on their skin condition, and toner helps to bring it back to an ideal level for the product to penetrate your skin. After all, why spend all of that money on professional products if it can’t penetrate your skin!

If you’re like I used to be and you are worried that toner is too harsh for your skin, keep in mind that you might not be using the right one. In our store, we offer a handful of toner that patients have called “soothing”. Over-the-counter toners irritate the skin because that’s what people think a toner is supposed to feel like. Medical grade toners—like ones by SkinMedica or Obagi—will feel surprisingly mild.

I now know that it’s so important to follow this step as part of my daily skincare regimen. It sets the “tone” to better prepare my face for skincare products and makeup.

I have been with the Timeless Skin Solutions a little over 2 months now and already I feel like a whole world of skin care has been opened up to me. I never knew there was so much out there to keep our skin healthy and shining. So far, I’ve had three experiences that will keep me coming back for more. And this is from someone who thought she didn’t need anything!

  1. I did have some brown spots on my face, so I received my first IPL ever and loved it. Because IPL sometimes needs to be done in a series, I only noticed a huge difference after my second spot treatment. The results amazed me; my brown spots from sun damage over the years disappeared and are now completely gone.
  2. I also had a chemical peel so that I could see what it was like and discuss it with patients. I peeled for approximately 2-3 days after but I didn’t mind a bit. My skin was smooth and fresh after the peeling stopped, and I thought that it was well worth the results.
  3. The third change I’ve made to my skin is starting the Obagi product line. I’ve found that these products really make my skin glow and shine.

I’ve received so many compliments from family and friends noticing a difference in my skin. Being 42 years old, I love hearing this!  I’m already contemplating what’s next. I think I’ll be adding TNS Essential Serum by SkinMedica into my daily regimen. Mary Beth refers to this as “Youth in a Bottle.” Sounds good to me!

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