Recently our own Dr. Clinton was able to take a few days of downtime and decided it was the perfect occasion for her four favorite skin rejuvenating procedures. Today, she shares her secrets to heading into Spring with a radiant, glowing complexion that you will be excited to show off.Pearl_DrC

My Spring Clean Skin Routine

A Pearl treatment rejuvenates the skin in my face and neck region. It removed a few dark spots that were beginning to reappear and tightened the skin as well as ironed out my fine wrinkles.

Photodynamic Therapy
I still have brown spots that love to reemerge on my chest from my years of lifeguarding  PDT is a treatment that treats the sun spots, revives my skin of crepiness and also treats precancerous lesions.

I noticed my frown lines coming out and a few fine lines around my lips.  A bit of Volbella and Juvederm Ultra and my frown is turned upside down and the lines are smoothed. The best part? The results looks natural yet make a noticeable difference.

A bit of Botox in my neck, chin, crows feet and forehead smoothed out the few remaining wrinkles.  

I now feel refreshed and ready for the rest of 2017! Are you ready to amp up your skincare for a fresh new season?contact us button green

“WHY, you don’t need it, you’re too young!”

This is the most common response I get when I share that I receive cosmetic treatments such as Botox and Fillers. I am a millennial and I have made it a priority to use injectables as part of my skincare treatment plan since my early 20’s. As you start to read this, you may be asking the same question, “Why?”Ellen Botox There are a few answers to this, but the main one is aging prevention! And I am not the only one of my peers realizing the benefit of starting anti-aging treatments before lines and wrinkles develop.

I wear sun screen every day to prevent exposure to UVA (aging rays) and UVB ( burning rays). Protecting my skin in this way not only reduces my chances for skin cancer, but is also a tool I use to prevent premature aging triggered by UV exposure.

In a similar way, I use Botox to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming between my brows, across my forehead and around my eyes. Think of your skin similar to a piece of paper. As paper is folded, a crease develops and remains due to the fold. The same is true with our skin. As we frown, smile and squint, our facial muscles cause the skin to crease with these expressions. Over time, we see that the line remains, even if we are not making expressions. With Botox treatments, I can ensure that these lines will not develop in the first place.

Botox is my long term plan to prevent aging, but it is not without some immediate satisfaction too. I love that with treatment I am able to get a brow lift and injections around my eyes give me a more refreshed appearance. I notice that when I smile, my eyes stay bright, and who doesn’t love that when snapping a selfie. While Botox treatments are an investment now, I know treating lines before they occur will serve me well in the long run!

Interested in preventing lines and wrinkles for years to come? Request an appointment today!


Ditch that double chin once and for all – without the surgery, discomfort or downtime!

KYBELLA™ is the only FDA-approved injectable to permanently reduce submental fat under the chin. It works to destroy fat cells so that they can no longer store or accumulate fat. Once they are gone, they are gone for good!

Sound to good to be true? Check out the improved appearance from satisfied KYBELLA™ patients, who in this case happen to be Timeless staff as well!EllenKybellaKristyKybellaIndividual patient results may vary.

Your KYBELLA™ treatment will be customized by our medical experts to meet your own aesthetic goals for an improved chin profile.

Most patients require between 2 to 4 treatments, performed 4 to 8 weeks apart. Initial results will be apparent 3 weeks post-treatment once swelling dissipates, with continued improvement for up to 8 weeks. Once desired results are achieved, they are long-lasting, and retreatment is not expected.

Are you interested in a more sculpted profile, forever? Book today and save $800* on the purchase of two KYBELLA™ treatments for a limited time only.

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Unsure where to begin in your anti-aging routine? Meet the newest addition to the Clarisonic line of products, the SMART Profile Uplift!

This revolutionary attachment combines the power of Clarisonic’s iconic skin cleansing, 6x better than hands alone, with a new micro-firming face massage to visibly improves 15 signs of aging including fine wrinkles, rough patches, loss of elasticity, dark spots, and sun damage.

Learn how to get the best results from your new Smart Profile Uplift in the following two-step process:


Uses a sonic frequency of over 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse the skin.

  • Apply cleanser directly to moistened skin or to a damp brush head.
  • Push the on/off button to turn on your cleansing brush.
  • Select desired speed.
  • Gently move the brush in small circular motions to cleanse forehead for 20 seconds, nose and chin for 20 seconds, cheeks for 10 seconds each, and neck for 20 seconds. Brush will auto-adjust speed for an even cleanse.

Results: Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines for smoother, more radiant skin.


Uses 27,000 micro-firming motions to stimulate collagen production and boost the absorption of your daily skincare products.

  • Start with clean skin.
  • Remove brush head.
  • Attach firming massage Uplift head.
  • Apply facial cream, oil or serum over chest, neck, and face.
  • Turn on device to massage. Choose a 3 minute massage, or 30 seconds to targeted zones.
  • Chest: Glide in a circular motion for 30 seconds.
  • Neck & jawline: Glide in an upward motion for 30 seconds on each side.
  • Lower face: Glide from chin to ear for 30 seconds on each side.
  • Forehead: Glide from center toward temples for 30 seconds.
  • After each use, gently wash with soap and water, then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Replacement indicator illuminates after 6 months of twice-daily use.

Results: Skin feels firmer, and face and neck appears lifted after 12 weeks use.

Ready to put the power of beautiful in your hands? Complement your daily skincare regimen with the Uplift attachment, compatible with your Clarisonic Smart Profile device, and now available at Timeless for just $56. Visit the office today to amp up your anti-aging routine!

SteffiHi my name is Steffi, and I want to share with you my journey from a satisfied patient to a soon-to-be member of the Timeless team.

In 2008, I began coming to Timeless Skin Solutions because I was having such a hard time finding a way to clear my skin of acne. I have been a patient ever since, scheduling silk peels on a regular basis and have fallen in love with Timeless, their mission and their employees. Now that I am almost graduated from college and looking for a fulfilling career path, I am more than ecstatic to work for a company that has really helped me over the past nine years.

In late 2009, I began helping out at Timeless. Dr. Clinton’s son, Owen, and I would come to the office on the weekend to count the entire product inventory. Following graduation from High School, I have been able to offer my clerical services to others in the office during school breaks. It was at that point, four years ago, I realized I could see myself contributing to Timeless on a full time basis. Now that the countdown until graduation is only 68 days, I am looking forward to starting my career at Timeless in May.

As a patient, I noticed there was something about interacting with the Timeless Patient Care Coordinators and Providers that opened my eyes to see how tight knit the team really was. It was at that point I was given my first opportunity to represent Timeless in a short advertisement video of some of the services provided. Again, the more interaction I experienced with other members of the team, the more drawn I felt to everyone at Timeless Skin Solutions.

Now more than ever, I am delighted to say how excited and privileged I am to be joining the Timeless team. While most may think it is cliché to say this is a “dream come true,” that is how I truly feel about my upcoming employment. I have been given a great opportunity to work for Dr. Clinton and become one of the vital pieces of the puzzle that helps this company provide phenomenal skin care to Central Ohio patients. I cannot wait to see what opportunities await me!

Interested in joining the Timeless team of passionate individuals? Apply today!


Hello my name is Dr. Mindy Jacques and I am here to take you through my personal experience with the Pearl treatment.

As a teen, I struggled with acne. This continued up into my adult life and has left me with slight scarring and large pores. I decided to have the Pearl™ treatment done to improve the overall texture of my skin as well as the crepiness under my eyes.

Pearl is an ablative, nonfractional laser which removes the top layer of skin, It leaves your skin with a smooth texture, helps with discoloration, and improves the appearance of scars, pores and fine lines.

Day 1

DrJ_Pearl600The day of the procedure, I first had a silk peel done to exfoliate the dead skin and infuse a hydrating solution to help prepare my skin for the laser. Numbing cream was then applied and I waited an hour for this to take effect.

Since one of my main concerns was the crepiness under my eyes, small, protective goggles, similar to contacts were used so that my skin could be treated to my lash line. An IPL laser treatment, used to break down dark spots was done next to further prepare my skin. I was then ready for the Pearl!

The laser made a snapping sound which initially sounded loud and startling but very quickly became less intimidating. It also felt very warm on my skin but was easy to manage during the quick procedure. The entire treatment for my face and neck took about 30 mins. I took ibuprofen prior to the procedure, but there is also an option of taking an oral medication to ease the anxiety of treatment.

Immediately after the laser, my skin felt like I had a sunburn. It also looked very red and I could see the honeycomb pattern of the laser. A treatment cream was applied as well as cool water mist, which I was given along with a gentle cleanser to use at home. I continued to use the mist water bottle throughout the evening and kept it in my refrigerator as the cool water was very comforting. I also began doing vinegar soaks the day of the procedure to help aid the healing process. My skin did feel very warm the first 2-3 hours after the procedure but calmed down significantly after that.

Day 2 DrJ_Pearl600_2DrJ_Pearl_600_3

I began using gentle cleanser and treatment cream. My face felt a little warm but it was not uncomfortable.IMG_1978

Day 3

DrJ_Pearl_600_5My skin started to look more brown than red. It also began to feel tight as it prepared to peel.

Day 4

DrJ_Pearl_600_4My skin began peeling. I continued to wash and apply treatment cream throughout the day. It was exciting to see the healthy skin peeking through.

Day 5

DrJ_Pearl_600_7 DrJ_Pearl_600_8Most of the dead skin had peeled. My skin was so smooth!

Day 7 & Beyond!

DrJ_Pearl-600Less than one week after treatment and my skin looked great! My neck was still slightly pink but otherwise there were no signs of having an intensive laser treatment done.

I had a silk peel one week after the procedure to help remove any leftover dead skin and add hydration. I have had several people comment on how great my skin looks since the procedure was done–most who did not have knowledge I was even doing it. I am very happy I decided to have the Pearl done.

Interested in experiencing the brilliance of Pearl™ for yourself? Request an appointment today!


The groundhog may have missed his shadow, but spring is just around the corner! Just as you spring clean your house, your skin could use a bit of TLC for a fresh new start as well.daylight-savings-spring-forward-march-10-2013Timeless Physician Assistant, Allyson is here to discuss the importance of setting up a structured skincare routine.

During the month of January, I decided to take the time to sit down with many of my patients – not for procedures, but to discuss our plans and goals for the next “skin year.” During that time, we look at what we have accomplished in the past year and what things they would like to see differently or improved upon in the future. From there, I take some quiet time to map out a completely customized plan to fit each patient’s budget, goals, commitment and timeline. Some patients are prepping for a wedding and others simply want to continue to look their best and continue on the path of aging gracefully (with a little help from Timeless, of course).

After I have developed their plan, we then regroup to discuss and make any changes. We then put everything into a package and get them scheduled for the future. For many patients, we schedule out the entire year. This way we know where we are headed and what lies in front of us. We can always change appointment timing, but it takes out the guess work of “what comes next.” For other patients, we may schedule out 3-6 months if this is what works better for their lifestyle. No matter what the scenario, both the patient and I feel organized, intentional and satisfied that we have the plan in place to accomplish the goal we have identified.

Whatever the goal – Mother of the Bride, High school reunion, or just wanting to feel better when we look in the mirror – we can get there if the right plan is in place. It is just a matter of taking the time to create that plan and then putting it into action!

Ready to spring clean your skincare routine? Schedule now with any of our medical providers and save up to 20% off your maintenance plan!


With the advancement of technology in skincare over the last few years, we are beginning to make great strides in the improvement of the neck and décolletage without surgery. Just as we can make the skin of the face smooth, lifted, and evenly toned, we have many solutions to do the same to other areas of the body.

Even it out

From sun exposure to aging and genetic factors, the neck area can show damage through unwanted discoloration, lines, and sagging of the skin. A study released by SkinMedica shows significant improvement in this area by using an at home regimen specifically targeted to the thick skin of the neck. The power of skin growth factors in TNS Recovery Complex®  combined with the antioxidant power of Total Defense + Repair brings a comprehensive treatment with impressive results!TurkeyNeckturkeyneck2At Timeless Skin Solutions, we can provide complementary treatments such as PhotoDynamic Therapy, Chemical Peels, SilkPeel DermalInfusion and Micro-Needling to amplify your results.

Bye Bye Turkey Neck

Additional improvement of both the neck and décolletage can occur with an Ultherapy® treatment. Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to directly tighten the skin in these areas. You can combine this treatment with any of the at-home or in-office procedures to boost this to the next level of improvement.

Bust the Fat Under the Chin

Two newcomers to the fat-busting scene are CoolSculpting® and Kybella®. CoolSculpting is useful to reduce extra, large areas of pinchable fat that accumulates around the neck, while Kybella is best for smaller collections of fat. These treatments are safe for all ages and work best alone if additional aging signs aren’t of concern.Take it a step further by pairing these treatments with an at-home skincare regimen or additional in-office procedures to get rid of that extra fat and keep it off!

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us today!

Interested in CoolSculpting but short on time or concerned about comfort?

We have exciting news! Our CoolSculpting treatment now delivers an even better experience with the new and improved CoolAdvantage applicators.

Enjoy the same great results, 20-23% reduction in fat, with the following added benefits:
1. Greater comfort – 45% improvement in patient comfort scores during treatment.
2. Shorter treatment time – Nearly 50% faster due to a revolutionary cup design and colder temperatures – come in on your lunch break!
3. More tissue treated – New design provides larger cooling area, while contouring to specific areas of the body you want to target.
cool-advantage-applicator-1The CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment. By using controlled cooling we eliminate stubborn fat that sticks around despite diet and exercise. Safely and effectively treat multiple areas of the body: abdomen, thighs, flanks, double chin, bra rolls, back fat, and underneath the buttocks.

bodysculpt-side-2The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting—so you’ll look great from every angle. It is easy to get started in your journey to a slimmer you.

Promo pricing available now: Receive 20% off each CoolSculpting cycle! Schedule a consultation with one our expert providers today.


From the desk of our COO…

As 2016 wrapped up, and the new year began, I found it was a good time to reflect. Personally, my son is now a year old, but it feels like only yesterday that he was a tiny little guy, relying on me for everything. Now he is walking, talking, and starting to feed himself. It’s crazy to think how much can happen in just a year!

At Timeless, one of our brand promises is to take care of each and every patient as we would one of our own family. It is important to Timeless that we are with our patients every step of the way; from their first interaction on the website, by email, or phone, to greeting them personally in the office, and all the way through the different stages of their life and skincare journey. We discuss this commitment as a team often, but are working to emphasize it more in the communities we serve. Many of our patients have been with us since the inception of Timeless in 2004, which makes the team proud.

Last year, Dr. Clinton and I made the difficult decision to place the New Albany building project on hold. With the growth we were experiencing at our Dublin office, we wanted to feel confident that the appropriate level of staffing, structured operating procedures, and tight cohesive teams were available to operate out of two locations. We are committed to deliver upon the brand promise of Timeless and provide a consistent, superior level of care above all else.

We are excited to welcome Erin Olah, a smart, kind and dedicated physician to lead the New Albany location. She was a patient with Timeless for over 10 years and is now a valued member of the team. We have hired several more patient care coordinators and expanded our marketing department and management roles. Our team is healthy, functioning and even more dedicated to our overall patient satisfaction.

As we worked relentlessly over the past year to put the finishing touches on the New Albany location, our brand promise is evident in every decision made. From the strategic design of the treatment rooms, allowing our medical staff to spend precious one on one time with their patient, to the streamlined flow of the reception area and the beverage station for patients to enjoy complimentary coffee or tea.

This has been such a unique journey, one that has grown and bonded us as a team. We are looking forward to our Grand Opening celebration and would be honored for you to join us on Tuesday, January the 10th from 3:30 to 6:30pm, with the ribbon cutting at 4:30. We will be offering exclusive specials, light hors d’oeuvres, hot chocolate, and champagne. In the spirit of community, Timeless will donate $50 for each person that attends (up to $2,000), which will benefit a literacy program to help New Albany Students achieve.

We are looking forward to 2017 and becoming a part of the New Albany Community!